What is the funniest or most 'human-like' thing your pet has done?

  1. Here are some of the funniest or most 'human-like' things my baby, a Shih Tzu (just like the one in my avatar) has done

    - she once dragged and hid my teddy bear under a table, to hide it away from me when I took it out from storage. That was the first time she 'met' another furry animal in the house, and she probably saw it as a 'threat'. The first time I thought it was just a fluke, but in the middle of the night I woke up finding my tedding bear missing from my bed again, I smiled, rolled over and lifted up the table cloth (it was a small table I was using as a night stand) and there it was, perfectly hidden and covered!

    - she bit off and swallowed the nose of a stuffed animal my bro got her. We didn't even notice the nose was missing until she puked it back out. We found this object in her puke and took us a while to figure out where it came from.

    - she chewed her way out of a baby gate we were using to keep her in the kitchen, a perfectly round hole. I came home from work and found her wagging her tail greeting me by the door!! I didn't have time to buy another gate so I used a box to block the hole, guess what, the next day she chewed another perfectly round hole!!! Wanna know how many holes later I finally admitted we needed a new gate? 3! We got one with wires instead of plastic!

    - she has a bunch of outfits. It started with her having a skin problem that we just couldn't fix so we put doggy t-shirts on her to stop her from scratching/hurting herself by scratching too much. Anyway, now she has all these outfits and she really 'shows' them off when we walk her around in the neighborhood. She has literally stopped traffic a few times when drivers slowed down or stopped to compliment her!

    - she licks the tears off my face when I cry! :heart:

    Oh there are so many cute little things she does ... want to hear from my fellow animal lovers too!
  2. humped like a real man. lol
  3. One of the funniest things Rhoda ever did was stealing a toy from her labbie friend while we were at her home. The toy is shaped like an Easter egg, and soft. She loves that toy. She took that toy in her mouth and closed her mouth over it, hiding it (she had a bit of a puffed look....). I didn't realize until we were in my car that she had it. Sneaky pup! She now has a collection of her own!

    She also likes sleeping under the covers and sometimes she sticks her head out from under the blanket and puts it on the pillow. When I see her like that she starts grinning. Too funny!
  4. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  5. I bought my best friend some things for her new baby. My maltipoo found the bag and helped himself to a pacifier. He now runs around the house with it in his mouth just like a baby would use it. I was worried that he would chew it up but he just carries it everywhere.
  6. My Ripley can almost open a closed door knob with his 2 paws...He likes to stand on his rear legs..Its too funny...Freaked me out the first time..I heard the door knob making noise and I was home alone with the dogs!!ROFL!
  7. I lived alone for a long time, just me and my cat Papa. I didn't date for a while then I met someone I trusted enough to came over to watch movies. He comes over and of course Papa won't come out because she is so shy. Well, we start joking around and laughing and he starts to tickle me......me not wanting to pee my pants starts screaming/laughing "STOP, STOP"!!!
    Okay, so we were on the couch and here come Papa running, then jumps on the couch and starts to bite him!!!! No Kidding, a cat! She was trying to save me.....yet another reason why she is the "love of my life" (recent thread), she is my hero! :love:
  8. My Lab Diesel is my baby, even though he weighs close to 100 pounds, I treat him like he is a poodle, he is rides in the front seat of my Tahoe like he is a little kid, and he get fussy if I don't turn his heated seat on. And, at night I sleep tucked in between my two favorite guys- my hubby, and Diesel, who sleeps under the covers with his head on his own pillow:love:
  9. My late Border Collie cross, Shaina, was a little "too smart," sometimes. I know that Border Collies are very intelligent and will find ways to entertain themselves, but Shaina was more resourceful than most.

    I came home one evening and heard VERY loud music coming from my house, and there were lights on. I was the only human living there, with two dogs. I was kind of freaked out, and afraid to go in, until I looked through a window and saw Shaina wagging her tail excitedly. She had somehow turned the stereo on, using buttons, because I did not have a remote. Bob Marley was playing really loudly! Shaina seemed very pleased with herself. She had also turned several lights on using light switches.

    Shaina also learned how to turn doorknobs, open a patio door, and numerous other amazing but annoying things. She was one-of-a kind, and I miss her like crazy!!!
  10. My dog once did our income tax return and got us a HUGE refund!!!

    alright - just kidding.

    We wrapped her Christmas gift (a fuzzy squeaky toy bone) in tissue paper and gave it to her Christmas morning. She slowly and carefully tore open the paper and gently pulled out the toy! We were just looking at her like:wtf: . It was probably more amazing to watch then to read about.

    The second thing she did that left an impression was when my kitty was younger, she somehow got up on my neighbors roof and my dog was looking up at her and pacing nervously. My husband got her down and the second he placed her on the ground my dog went up to her and "slapped" her on the head with her paw! Then they ran into the house together. That was pretty darn cute.

    I just remembered one more thing....my cat knocks on the bedroom door when we close it. Don't know how she does it but they are rapid knocks with her paw.
  11. ^^^bagnshoefetish

    :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao: that is toooo cute!! I love it when my cats want in and wag their paws under the door....cracks me up!!
  12. Years ago I decided to try out meditation. I was laying on my couch practicing it. After a little while my dh walked by me and started laughing. I had my eyes closed and when I opened them I noticed my dog was laying on the floor right next to my couch in the same exact position! It was adorable.

    When I was little, my mom trained our black lab to do tons of stuff. She taught her how to take the paper out of the typewriter when the bell dinged, put the dirty clothes my brother left on the floor by the door of the laundry room, and bark at the cat if she scratched on the furniture. My mom always said, you can teach a dog to do anything if you give them a biscuit - it was so true!
  13. I once had a bag of lollipops out. My cat went up there, grabbed one out with her paw, carried it in her mouth to a place where I supposively can't see her, unwrapped it, and started biting on it. This has happened more than once, too, but now I hide all candy.
  14. My cat does that, too!! It's so cute and sad at the same time.
  15. Awww ... thanks for sharing all your cute stories ... put a big smile on my face! My dog used to drag her empty bowl through the kitchen making really loud noises, then throw it across the hardwood floor in the dining room to tell us - hey, I need food! It was really cute. Now, she just barks at us and goes to her bowl.

    She understands phrases/commands like 'yum yum?', 'go outside' ,'go pee', 'get a bath' which will send her running away:p , 'grandma and grandpa', 'do you love mommy' to which she responds with planting kisses on my face .. :heart:

    Do I sound like a proud bragging doggy mommy or what!!!:nuts: