What is the flashiest, chrome-est blue or teal nail polish?

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  1. Sooner or later my Chanel Azure bottle will run out and that will be sad.


    Not sure if I want to pay $80 on ebay for a new bottle of Chanel Azure so can you recommend me something else that is very flashy, very chrome, and either blue or teal (or both like Chanel Azure was)

    It's for a good cause... I'll use it to make resin necklaces, like this one I finished last week :cool:

  2. Just saw some polish by a company called KIKO

    don't know if they will have a dupe, but you can look kikocosmetics.com

    I bought a red shade it was fairly inexpensive & 5 free..
  3. Chanel Azure started my polish obsession after choosing it for a salon manicure in 2013!

    I own China Glaze Deviantly Daring, which is a tad darker and more emerald than Azure but still has some blue duochrome. Essie Trophy Wife is also similar, and a quick Google brought up several comparisons for other possible dupes. I'm not a huge duochrome/multichrome fan, so others on the board may have suggestions with more of that element.
  4. Thank you! I looked it up and Pearly Blue Peacock looks promising maybe :smile:

    Thank you! I love Chanel Azure too, it's my favorite polish ever. I might even end up splurging on more Chanel Azure from ebay. It's so pretty.

    I actually have Deviantly Daring too and it is definitely darker...to me the light/dark difference looks even greater in my resin components than on the nail, which is odd, but maybe it's just how the resin bends the light. I don't have Essie Trophy Wife though so I will look that up, thank you! :cool:

    I got some Sally Hansen Cobalt Chrome last week from amazon and it's very flashy, no duochrome at all just straight metallic blue... but I think the very bright metallic flashy finish is more important than the duochrome effect anyway, so that might work but I always want more options...haha.
  5. Let us know if you find anything to your liking & you are welcome:smile:
  6. I passed KIKO today - we have a stand alone store in my home town - and had a quick look for you !

    527 Metallic emerald green is a possible. It's deeper than azure but still a turquoise, but def not green and I would say closest match that KIKO do if you want turquoise.
  7. I have these 3

    Dior mini from the Samba duo LE and the Gosh discontinued looks very similar that have yellow in it.

    My favorite from the 3 is Gosh very pretty esp. On my toessies☺

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  8. A Kiko store just opened near me... What the brush like?
    And the quality?

    Apparently, it's pretty cheap in Europe so I really would like to try a few colours!!
  9. Thank you!! that's useful info, I will look that up!

    I literally gasped! That's super pretty! :biggrin: thank you!
  10. Here are the 3 metallic blues or teals that I have so far in case anyone is curious ... these have a convex base coat of resin but no resin on top yet because the polish is still drying :smile:

    1st and 2nd column: China Glaze Deviantly Daring
    3rd column: Sally Hansen Cobalt Chrome
    4th and 5th columns: Chanel Azure (one column looks more teal and one looks more blue, because it has both colors depending on the angle)

    I tried to take a picture at an angle where I can see all of them "lighting up" at the same time.

    Chanel Azure and SH Cobalt Chrome both seem to "light up" better on a convex surface compared to China Glaze Deviantly Daring. Chanel Azure and Cobalt Chrome light up from a lot of different angles. China Glaze Deviantly Daring catches the light from some angles then goes back to dark for most angles.

    I really like that Cobalt Chrome and it wasn't even expensive at all. I love variety though so I am going to look up everyone's other suggestions too though. Sweet!

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  11. I am definitely liking how the Cobalt Chrome looks ...that one was very nice :smile: It is a pure blue with no teal but it has a very flashy finish that looks good on a convex surface.
  12. This is how SH Cobalt Chrome looks in a finished necklace sealed with resin on top and then wire wrapped ... I'd say it turned out very nice :heart:


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