What is the first piece of Louis Vuitton that you fell in love with?

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  1. What piece roped you in and kept you coming back for more?

    Share your stories and corresponding pictures!!
  2. the classic mono speedy.
  3. Anything from the CB line - mainly the retro and papillon *sigh* I've never owned one though - I'm still to young (and jobless) to afford most LV :wacko: lol
  4. The shape of the petit bucket. I had to have it.
  5. My first LV was the Black MC Speedy.

    I know everybody has heard this story before .... but thanks to Jessica Simpson's Newlyweds Show & her White MC Speedy :heart: I would have never fell in love with Louis Vuitton.
  6. Damier Speedy 25
  7. I know it's been said before but the white MC speedy-ever since Jess sported it on Newlyweds. Oh well. ;)
  8. It's was a mono petit noe that I fell in love with then 4 years later I got it then few months later I saw the Multi color petit noe ohhhh goshhh I have to get this bag it's so beautiful even though I haven't use it much, I adore her all the time :heart:
  9. I first fell in love with the white MC speedy.. ironically, I sold it because it was heavy and I could only use it in the summer. I do miss it though.. such a gorgeous bag!
  10. Oh gosh... have time for a little trip down Memory Lane? When I was MUCH younger, and my husband was making less money, and I was a stay-at-home Mom, it was hard enough to pay the mortgage and buy groceries and clothes, etc. for three young children. I had enough to splurge on a COACH bag once in a while, but an LV? That would have been completely out of the question!

    But, I do remember an LV bag from about then (early 1990's) that was like a cinched bucket. Perhaps it was the Noe, or maybe a somewhat similar style. I saw the REAL one a few times, and then a fake one in a neighborhood boutique. I couldn't even spend the $300 on the fake at the time. (LONG before fakes were on every street corner and we knew all about how horrible they are. Now, I am so glad I never bought that piece of crap.) I lusted after that LV for YEARS!

    The first LV bag I bought was a used Mono Alma that I found on eBay about 4-5 years ago. (I did have it authenticated by MRS. POUPETTE or someone like that.) I only carried her on very, very special occasions! Then the zipper went a bit out of whack and I just put it away carefully. I have all the info printed out about sending it to LV for repair, I just haven't ever done so.

    In the meantime, things turned around for my husband, and I began working and having some money for my own spending pleasure, and so I bought my first Brand New LV: a Mono Looping. Plus a matching big zip-around Mono Wallet. And a Mono Pouch Cosmetique. All of which is too much to put into a Looping! (Which meant I needed other bags and other pochettes, right?)

    And somewhere around then I found tpf, and well... the rest is a history only my credit card company and I know!;) (Yeah, and all the rest of you, 'cause I think I've probably posted somewhere or other on tpf about EVERYTHING LV I own!)
  11. My very first mono Speedy 25. I think i fell in love with the smell first. nothing beats the smell of brand new LV
  12. The epi speedy; I love how it looks like a ladies' doctor bag.
  13. Mine was a practical Cabas Piano and there was no looking back!!!
  14. I saw a pic of the papillon 30 on Angie Harmon and I fell in love with the shape. The damier papillon became my first LV but the azur speedy is what got me into the boutique! It was waitlisted so I got the papillon first.
  15. The pouchette - so small and cute