What is the final word on Evergrain?

  1. What is everyone's experience with evergrain? I am considering an evergrain bag, but have heard mixed reviews. Anyone care to chime in? Positives/negatives and photos are always welcome. I love the way this leather looks and feels, but I am concerned about durability/wear/water resistance. Thanks everyone!
  2. I would like to hear about this leather too.I have never seen it IRL:yes:Bump
  3. I hear it wears well, but my love is for box calf!
  4. Box calf is the quintessential H leather. I think it requires patience. My understanding is that evergrain is embossed evercalf, which is a softer version of box calf. Maybe evergrain is like low maintenance box calf.
  5. Recently, we had a thread on evergrain...did you read up on it? (maybe the info you are looking for was not in there, but thought I should mention)
  6. Evergrain is actually quite scrumptious. Very soft leather, mostly found in clutches. It patinas beautifully.
  7. My Jige is evergrain and I love it. I carry it a lot and so far no scratches. :tup:
  8. I used to own JPG Kelly in Veau Evergrain (I hope that's the leather in question) and even though the leather felt and looked fantastic, I wasn't crazy about it because I felt that you had to be extra careful while wearing it (which I HATE!). I know this particular leather can be restored to "like new" condition with a simple visit to a spa but, personally, I am just not a fan of "delicate" leathers so I won't buy it again.

    Here is a pic of the Kelly, BTW: JPG Kelly.jpg
  9. I was very surprised the first time I touched an Evergrain. It was in a Lindy.

    It's a luscious, rich leather that is soft and supple. The feel can be quite wax-like which is unusual after playing around with quite a few H leathers.