What is the favourite perfume/aftershave of an Hermes lover?

  1. I am a diehard tuberose fan and have been wearing Fracas for about 10 years. I love perfume though and alway sniff around for new ideas ;)
  2. I love Eau de Mervilles and have so for a few years.

    Recently I have found Rose Ikebana and Vertiver Tonka and Ambre Narguilé -- worn separately or in some combination.
  3. I LOVE ambre narguile and rose ikebana worn together....and rose ik. with vetiver! YUM!

    I also love the new Kelly Caleche - scored a nice big bottle yesterday.....lovely!

    I also love eau de orange verte - lovely in summertime!
  4. Eau de Mervilles is my signature scent. I :heart: it!

    I just recently received a bottle of Kelly Caleche from DH and I wear that now and again, too.
  5. To be honest, my favourite perfume is Shalimar by Guerlain..........shhhhhhh!!!!!
  6. been wearing rose ikebana since mother's day, and i love it. fresh and feminine at the same time.
  7. I love Rose Ikebana by itself or worn with something else.

    Un Jardin Sur Le Nil is a wonderful scent unfortunately does not last long so I make sure I always carry a small spray bottle, sometimes I will wear this with a little dab of Rose Ikebana.
  8. Eau de Merveilles
  9. I love Eau d'orange Vert, but it doesnt last long on the skin. I love those little free samples, I keep them in my bag, in the car...everywhere!
  10. 24, Fauburg - I have been loving this scent for the last 10 years or so.
    The other day I bought a BIG bottle of Kelly Caleche - and love it also.
    Depending on my mood, for a fresh summery scent I like Amazone.
  11. I love Un Jardin Sur Le Nil which ive been using for awhile. I wanted to try a new scent so ive been wearing Vertiver Tonka which is really yummy smelling. Just got a tester for the Rose Ikebana which i also like together with Vertiver :tup:
  12. Count me in as another Eau des Merveilles fan. I've tried other scents but keep coming back to this one. I get so many compliments on it, too.

    For example, a couple months ago, I was having a physical and was lying on the table while the nurse was setting up an EKG. She said I smelled so good and asked what I was wearing. Of course, she had never heard of Hermès but kept raving about the perfume and asked me to write the name down for her, etc. Luckily, I had a lot of samples of it and the next day I took her a goodie bag of them and she was soooo thrilled!

    Also, my boss, who never compliments anything mentioned on two occasions how he loved my perfume.

    I have compliments on it all the time. I tried Kelly Caleche, as I had a sample, but even though I love the bottle and would like to just have it for that reason, I didn't care for the scent on me.
  13. I LOVE Kelly Caleche:heart:

  14. Mine too............................
  15. DAM! i was goign to buy you one for your b'day!

    I have yet to try Caleche, depending on how i like it i want to buy that or terre next. I have Vertier Tonka , love it but def. not en everyday fragrance.