what is the exact size of the med and large sig carly's

  1. I have seen different sizes on eBay whats the real deal do you feel the med is big enough...
  2. Depends on what all you want to carry. I think the medium is DEFINITELY big enough to carry a TON of stuff. I can fit my makeup bag, mini skinny, wristlet, camera (Canon Powershot), cell, AND a 6x8 Agenda and still have room!!! It's BIG, but doesn't LOOK big. The LARGE Carly is REALLY big. I love it, but it just looks a little TOO big on me and I'm not sure how long the BIG BAG LOOK will be "IN STYLE". So....to me, the medium is PERFECT! IF I could afford both though, I'd get one of each!!!
  3. i use the large for school stuff, so it's perfect for notebooks/books/etc. i use it for a purse, too, but it's a bit big. but nothing too bad. the slouchy effect hides it, lol.
  4. What school do you go to kallison?
  5. a small local school because i wimped out with deciding to go to a larger school, lol. (university of west georgia, hehe). turns out i actually like it!