What is the exact name of this color?

  1. Maybe Blueberry or Bright Blue?
  2. I would:shrugs: guess bright blue as I have a blueberry mp and it is not that color!!
  3. It may be spearmint.
  4. ^^I don't think it's Spearmint because I used to own a Spearmint Blake and I don't remember it having a turquoisey-colored zipper strap. Look at devinesgirl's collection photo above - I believe she has a Spearmint Blake and it's a very different shade.

    I'm thinking it's bright blue as well. I see the auction has ended - did you win it?:graucho:
  5. Yep! Not bad for a $54 whim. I really didn't think I'd win it, but she's awfully cute. I don't know what color it is, though. I remember this (similar) style in geranium, black, violet, in various sizes but cannot remember this color's name. I thought maybe bright blue but then I thought that color was introduced after this bag and if you look at the stitching, they're different. I don't know!:nuts: BTW, I LOVE your Cocker, I have a buff one, too!
  6. I think the color name is Ocean, a pre-2004 release color.
  7. Thanks for the input! I thought that may be a possibility...
  8. I received this bag and yes, it is definitely Ocean. It is adorable and was in really very good condition, esp. for the price. Now that I am awaiting the newest arrivals, I think I am officially on a ban. Still need the perfect neutral (eg. taupe/oatmeal - something like that)
  9. congrats! It's such a pretty color. I've been looking for a hobo forever!