What is the exact name of this bag?

  1. Hi Ladies,

    I am researching my first chanel bag and this one is so attractive to me. I had a SA from Neiman Marcus email me some pics and this bag stood out.
    What is the name of this bag and how much is it?


  2. Hi! :smile: Ohhh, welcome to the world of Chanel bags hehe. :p The pic is of the large black/black patent Cambon tote... I believe it's $1995. :heart: You can go to the Reference Library and see more pictures of it (several pfers have this bag)! :smile: It's a great tote (I especially love the tote on tone combinations!) and the calfskin holds up really well! ;)
  3. yummy yummy! i have the smaller version with a white CC logo! you gotta snag it! it's sucha fun and cute bag! it was my 1st chanel bag actually :smile:

  4. [​IMG]

    I love this one as well, but it's way out of my reach right now.
  5. I bought the 1st one for $1695 recently.
  6. Not to steal your thread OP lol but I saw the smaller version of this at Chanel yesterday and I loved it! Can anyone tell me the exact name and retail price? (I think medium tote maybe?)
  7. The exact name is the Ligne Cambon, then you'd need to specify which bag within the ligne.
  8. Brooklyn N/S Cabas. I just saw it yesterday. It's very long! The flap is really really nice and big.
  9. I have this tote in beige/black. To be honest with you, I never wear it anymore because I got so sick of everyone assuming it wa fake. I am 36 years-old and every 16 year-old girl in my city has the fake version of this bag. That doesn't bother some people but it did me. Good luck on your new purchase. I hope you find the right bag for you!