What Is The Entry Level Price

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  1. of any Hermes bag? I heard that the bags start at $5000...is that correct?
  2. Not true. It depends on the bag. There are some Hermes bags that are less than $2,000.
  3. The Picotin pm and Evelyn TPM are a couple of more reasonable bags.
  4. what is the cheapest hermes i can get ?
  5. The cheapest Hermes I've ever seen was a canvas tote bag for around $1,500 (give or take a couple hundred).
  6. Does anyone know what the entry level price for a kelly or birkin? I called the boutique and they said 9K for the birkin. I haven't had any luck coming across one in the store so I'm not sure what the estimates are.
  7. I would say $7000 is a nice number. Remember, it depends on the size and the leathers etc. If you want more info. read the two stickys at the top of this section. I think there was also a thread where people were on the look out. I remember people posting prices that were recent of what they saw at the boutiques. Also, when you see that soemone just received their bag...many times they post their cost on it with the specs. That will give you an idea as well. Good Luck
  8. thanks kellybag. I'll be heading back to HI next month, so hopefully, I can hit the boutiques on a regular basis;)
  9. Birkin 30 in Togo is $6800.
  10. I learned that Hermes had a price increase recently. I believe that Kelly's start at around $5,500 and that Birkin's start at around $7,000. HTH:amuse:
  11. Picotin is about 1000 if u want to start with this one.

    Garden party is about 1500

    Herbag i am not sure, I bought it about 5 or 6 years ago. By then it was ~1500. Don't know how much they have increased.
  12. I saw a Herbag for around $1700 a month ago. I was really surprised that it was under $2000. Cute, but I'm not too huge on canvas :biggrin:
  13. The Picotin pm is really cute! Fun for summer!
  14. The price is what the market will bear, and unfortunately, the demand far exceeds the supply. A 35 chevre birkin
    is $7550 plus a hefty $650+ in sales tax in NY, and there are hundreds of hungry women just waiting to get their hands on one! I had to talk my way into buying one, and the salesperson had to bring it out in a sleeper bag because she said it is a big deal if she brings out a birkin (everyone will be all over it in a matter of seconds)!