What is the different between

  1. 11011 the vachetta ergo and 10744 the camel ergo, i have the vachetta ergo 11011 and was thinking about getting 10744 but i am afraid the color would be so close almost identical.
  2. I think the leathers are different?
  3. Would it be silly to have both
  4. I think the leathers are just different - unless they are actually different sizes (and thus have different functions) I think I would not get both. The vachetta will patina nicely and probably be fairly similar in color to the other one even if it is lighter now.
  5. Vachetta is vegetable "tanned" letter, unfinished, and will naturally patina, camel is a dyed and finished leather. Have you seen both together? I think natural vachetta is closer to a Legacy camel than an Ergo camel. Vachetta is a fleshier pink, camel more toward the brown tone.

    How is your vachetta are you using it and allowing it to age?
  6. The vachetta as patina to a honey brown color, i dont know i guess i want to get the camel ergo because it on sale at the outlet but dont want to get it if it going to look like the vachette tote.
  7. This is what the camel Ergo Tote looks like. As you can see the coloration
    is different from the Ergo Vachetta tote which I own.

  8. Thanks Liz