What is the difference?

  1. I am looking on the Elux site...

    What is the difference between the Monogram Mini and the Monogram Mini Lin? I can't seem to see the difference other than color choice:confused1:
  2. I'm not an expert but I'm going to say something LOL

    According to what I see, mini lin is a new material for many LV iconic shapes, like speedy, bucket... where you don't find the same things in mini
  3. I believe mini is regular canvas and mini lin has linen in it making it "supple, light, and resistant". (At least this is what I got out of the descriptions!)
  4. I think Mini Lin is partly made of linen... 58% cotton, 24% linen, 18% polyamide - at least that is what it said on the e-lux site in the description for one of the Mini Lin purses. When you look at the material up close, you can see little linen thread lines like you do when you look at linen material - at least that is how I would describe it.
  5. Yeah I think it's the material make up. The Mini Lin's material is a LOT softer than the Mini Mono's is.
  6. lin.. for linen... ^^^
    i get it
  7. I think mini lin is the newer line that was introduced around august-september 2006 (not too sure):confused1: And it will replace the monogram mini line, since it was discontinued line. The design of monogram mini is more variable, compare to mini lin which produced in more limited number of design--> more practical and basic ( may be because of its new line....). I'm not too sure why ELux still have them, may be to sell the old stock:confused1: since LV boutique don't have monogram mini products anymore.

    Overall both of them are just the same, the pattern looks same for me! I just have the mini lin speddy, so i'm not too sure either, but i guess may be the fabrication is slightly different. And i think there's a bit of marketing tool, to refresh the line. They'll have 2 new colors for mini lin next S/S (it will be available at store around 1 year, correct me if i'm wrong), should be really fun:yahoo: hehehe

    Hope it'll help:smile:

    Is monogram mini still to be continue??? sorry for my poor knowledge :blush:
  8. Yeah... when I first saw the Mini Lin Speedy - I was wondering the same thing - where did they get that name from?... but then I thought, "Hey, LV named it after my DH!!!" (His last name is Lin but he's not mini!!)
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