What is the difference?

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  1. What's the difference between Deep blue and Blueberry in a B Bag. I want the blueberry but can only find the deep blue - is there much difference or not at all.

    Thanks for the help
  2. Hmm... not sure what "Deep Blue" would be. Where did you get that name? Blueberry is also known as Bleu Roi and Bleu Navi (French and Italian).
  3. deep blue? do you mean deep sea= ink? blueberry is the new blue for fall- its called blue roi. royal blue (also a deeper hue of blue), but ink is a blue/black color.
  4. You must mean Ink and blueberry?
  5. deep sea (ink) is blackish-purplish-navyish, while blueberry is the same blue as a blueberry, with some pop.
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