what is the difference?

  1. Hi everyone, i am new to coach, i was at macy's last night to decide on which size carly dark brown i wanted, and fell in love with this bag, i didn't pay attention to the name, style number, the sa is holding it for me. I went to the coach site and eBay and found the bag but the style number is different on eBay its #11062 and on coach.com its #11589 but they look exactly alike and like the one at the store, so i have no idea which i have on hold, i wanted to compare prices before i buy it. Can you please take a look and tell me? Thanks. Also if anyone has this bag, do you like it, do you wear it often... I have a bad habit of storing bags after a little while, i have a closet full of LV i don't wear anymore:shrugs:
  2. Well I don't own a Hampton bag, but just doing a quick research on both of the bags, it looks as though the 11589 bag is a newer style compared to 11062, another difference is that 11589 is also a smaller bag compared to the 11062 from the dimensions that I am getting from researching both of the bags... 11062 definitely looks bigger even though they are both called the Hampton Medium Carry all bag. You have a bunch of LV bags that you don't use? You selling any of them? I love LV, but don't think i'd have enough will power to purchase a bag that expensive!
  3. :yes: 11062 is bigger than the 11589. Also, make sure you are getting it on sale because these are at the Coach outlets right now. :tup:
  4. Hi there!!! The 11589 is the newer version of the 11062 -- which has been discontinued-- I have the 11062 and LOVE it. Comparing my bag to the new on in the boutique it is a bit larger. Do you have an outlet near you?? The outlet close to me had the 11062 in Black and Khaki last week priced at $119 (wish I had held off, but oh well).

    Good luck!!!
  5. Thanks. The 11062 is only bigger by a quarter if an inch right? So that seems to be the only difference. It was on sale for $183 i am calling the outlet next, $119 sounds great! Here is a tip, i found out last night at macys, if you open a new account with macys you get 20%off coach and anything else that day and when the bill comes you get another 15% off so 35% off but i already have a macy's card so the sa said if i open a joint account with my dh, all i need is his driver's licence, i get the same discount, my head started spinning with all the discounts. I really wanted the chocolate large carly which they don't have. I would get it for about $300 w/all the discounts!
  6. If you really want the Carly then I say you should just get that bag. Maybe when PCE comes around, you can ask at the Coach store if you can use it to buy a chocolate Carly and that is 25% off. I you can get the hamptons bag for just over $100 though and know you will use it then that is a good price.
  7. Yeah if you really want the Carly there will be a PCE in March I think that will be 25% off which will make the Large $298 before tax. The Carly is a great bag! :tup:
  8. ok, what is pce and will macys do that or have that in march? oh wait never mind they don't carry the chocolate carry all large, the hamptons carry all #11062 is $208 and i have to get it today or someone is already wanting it. I am buying a coupon 11% on ebay that is good on coach, so i will get the extra $23 off so it will be $186 + tax, not a great deal but the outlet stores around me don't have a single one in khaki/dark brown leather, they are sold out and it was only $119! arg!!!
  9. Oh and i am still going to get the carly chocolate, not sure where from but i still want that in addition to the hampton medium carry all, oh i love both bags, but i also love a deal, not full prices!
  10. Both bags are awsome. You will love them both!