What is the difference in the weight of the Mandy and the Large Carly?

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  1. I just bought a Mandy and she is huge and pretty heavy. I love her look and I love the room in her but I just don't know about the heavyness. I was thinking of maybe selling her and getting a Carly but I'm wondering about the heavyness of the Carly as compared to Mandy. Does anyone have both bags and can clue me in on your thoughts.

    My perfect bag (that I'm still kicking myself for selling) was the Ali. I loved her. She was the perfect size. I know Mandy and Carly are both much larger than the Ali but the Carly is so pretty!

    I would love opinions. I may just sell her and look for an Ali but I thought I might give Carly a try first. Oh and it would be the large Carly because I like to carry my camera around with me if possible. So I would love opinions on the heavyness of Carly as compared to Mandy.
  2. I have two leather Mandys and a leather large Carly. IMO the Mandy is a bit heavier than the large Carly. I personally prefer the Mandy because I can find things in her easier than digging in the Carly black hole. I also have an Ali and find the weight more comparable to the large Carly when loaded w/ all I carry. Hope this helps!
  3. There is an enormous weight difference! Honestly, for me, my large leather Carly hardly seems to weigh anything next to my Mandy.
  4. Mandy has so much hardware...BIG and HEAVY hardware! It's definitely alot heavier than the leather Carly. But the Mandy is SO GORGEOUS!
  5. Mandy is heavier than the Carly due to the hardware. I still love my Mandy though although I don't carry her often. I also own an Ali and would say it compares to the weight of a Carly.
  6. I agree with you about Ali!! I don't know about Mandy and large Carly, so not much help there, but I do think you need to get at least one Ali back in your life!
  7. I've had and sold one of each - the Mandy is MUCH heavier than the Large Carly. Even when full with stuff, the Carly is lighter.

    One big problem that I found with the Carly is that the shoulder strap does not stay on the shoulder well. It kept slipping off and bugged the heck out of me. That's what did it for me - otherwise, I would have loved the Carly.