What is the difference in rolex dials...

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  1. Does anyone know what the difference is between the silver diamond dial and the silver jubilee diamond dial other than the obvious? Is one darker than the other or more silvery than the other. Just wondering as I have the silver jubilee dial, and like the fact that it is different and matches my platinum ring well. Thanks!
  2. The silver dial is lighter in color than the silver jubilee...the jubilee has more depth of tone and variation and can be more "blingy" if you know what I mean. It probably goes better with some things because of the variegated color of the dial. I think if you looked at the two side by side, the jubilee would appear darker.
  3. Hmm..interesting, I have never heard of silver jubilee.

    ETenebris, is that also known as rhodium or steel?
  4. nvie, no...the jubilee dial (not to be confused with the jubilee or super jubilee band) is the dial with "ROLEXROLEXROLEX" embossed across the dial.
  5. ETenebris - Ahh....the one with the ROLEX word embossed is called a jubilee dial. Oh, I didn't mean the bracelet. There's also rhodium or steel dial which is slightly darker than the silver dial.
  6. the silver isnt as depth defined and appears more "busy" while the jubilee is more defined and looks more "dressy"
  7. I thought the Jubilee dial is more busy, although I like it better. More bling!