What is the difference in a Slim Flap, Ali and Hippie?

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  1. I am looking at these three bags. I really like the Denim Slim Flap (similar to the Carly's) and I love the black Ali and Hippie.

    I know the Hippie has the longer strap and is a bit smaller but waht about the Slim Flap? Is it just like the Ali in size and length of the strap?

    I carry, a wallet, an agenda, my glasses and a book at all times. Do you think all of this would fit in a Hippie? A book like a Romance Novel. Oh and my keys!
  2. The slim flap is a similar height and width, but probably half as deep as the ali. HTH :smile:
  3. I know the hippies are a LOT longer.. I am 5'10" and tried one at the outlet and it went past my hip.. if you like crossbody bags, it is cute... the ali you know about, and the slim flap I think is the same length as the ali, but it is not as wide.. just a lot slimmer.. I have never tried one, but they are really cute too....
  4. I own an Ali and tried on a slim flap at the outlet. Even though the slim flap was not as deep, it still opened up wide and seemed pretty spacious.