What is the difference between Whiskey and Brown in the Ali?

  1. So okay, I got a bit obsessed since I saw tlloveshim' and entheos brown Ali bags. I want to see pictures up close of the difference between them and the shininess and testures, hear what is your favorite color or you have the two. I am trying desparately not to find one. Anyone want to discourage me??? Thought not... :nuts:
  2. Here are some pics (with flash, it's 10:15 p.m. here) for comparison of the two colors. Whiskey will always be the color that appeals to me most often, but Brown Ali feels SCRUMPTIOUS...Whiskey varies from bag to bag (ultra-smooth in shoulder bag, medium smooth texture on Ali and varied texture on my Mandy). Whiskey Ali has become smoother with use & conditioning. Brown Ali (and brown shoulder bag) were divine (and seem to be more consistent from bag to bag) right out of the Coach box (I had to go thru JAX to get these colors). My pics don't quite capture their loveliness, but they are detailed. Tlloveshim's pic made me drool even though I have her twin...she captured Ali so well in that pic... and well, Entheos, her pics inspired me to go from 0 to 4 Alis (very happily) in the space of six weeks. I wish I were a better photographer so my pictures would do them more justice! My only concern for you, Lynn, would be Ali's weight. I tend to load her up and she puts on weight easily!!! Ahhh, but she wins the prize for overall performance, style and feel, including for me, the most perfect drop length.

    Now, that I'm at the end of my post, I'm really digging Brown Ali...someone here compared her leather to a bomber jacket, and that's perfect comparison/definition of her leather, so buttery soft.
    whiskey.jpg brown.jpg ali back large.jpg whiskey texture closeup.jpg brown texture closeup.jpg
  3. 2 more pics...(only 298 more posts b4 I can check out the market here:graucho:)

    Note: next to Brown Ali (and w/flash), Whiskey is looking a bit oranger than her usual self. Brown is translating well in her pics.
    brown front.jpg whiskey front.jpg
  4. Thanks you so much for the great pictures.!!!!The brown is really beautiful as well as the whiskey, but having the black leather slim flap and having to load her up lightly, I would be worried about the brown being weightier and wider by 2 inches in depth and a wider strap. My bleeker is a very similar color to Whiskey in British tan, The only thing that Coach did is put that heavy grommet buckle in the front if you use it on your left arm and it falls in the back, the legacy heavy turning hook on your back so it stands away. Are they drinking in the factory and making left and right handed bags? EEEEK. Like golf clubs. I am on the fence with this stand away from body and hook in front look. :confused1:
  5. Lynn, I just weighed empty Alis...2.6 lbs each on my Tanita scale and 2 lbs 9 oz for Brown Ali and 2 lbs 8.4 oz for Whiskey Ali on my kitchen scale.

    While I was at it:
    Whiskey Legacy Shoulder Bag: 2.4 lbs on Tanita; 2 lbs 4 oz on kitchen scale
    Whiskey Mandy 06: 3.4 lbs on Tanita; 3 lbs 4.9 oz on kitchen scale

    Back to Ali, when I unstuffed them, Brown Ali just collapses much like you've seen some of the other pre-loved Ali colors do only she doesn't require "breaking in" time. She's all natural!

  6. I thought you had an ali and it was too heavy :confused1:
  7. I have a slim black legacy Ali which I got at the outlet and I have a slim signature. The Pt I had helped a lot , plus a new comfry support mattress cover at night. I did miss my whiskey so I found the black. If I keep it light it is fine. I called Jax just because I was opsessed with the brown. I knew it was too heavy for me, but you know those days. Did you know that the slim flap 10327 and the regular Ali both weigh 2 lbs. I was shocked. I got the bleeker to look like the Ali but the strap is not as comfortable as I thought. Very grommeted and braided. It does scratch easily like the whiskey , but you can use moisturizer. I will stick to my slim ali, I was lucky to get it. Have a great day!!1 :tup:
  8. Because I am just bewitched with Ali, it turns my good judgment. I simply miss the ones I took back so much, I called Jax and they told me they All weighed two lbs, the slim flap and the regualar Ali. I can see by your efforts, they were a bit off. and when you add a makeup case that can weigh up to 1/2 lb and you load other things in that bag, it can becone 4 lbs. Not a lot in lifting weights or PT therapy that I have had, but on a shoulder, yes, it feels a lot heavier. The mandy I adore, but cannot even lift empty. Why do I still covet the Ali. I have no excuses...none...it is just Ali love... :heart:
  9. Rainbow: please do not buy a bag that is going to HURT you! I know that ALL too well. I absolutely LOVE some of these Coach bags, but then I load them up w/ my stuff (and w/ 2 grandchildren, I sometimes have to carry alot of STUFF!!! LOL) and they are too heavy to carry! I am finding that even though I am an "older Coach lover" that the signature line is much easier to carry and much lighter for me than the leather line (even though, I too, love the leather line)....it's just not worth the back aches and pains! Some people may think that the older you get, you should be carrying a more "subdued bag" such as the leather, but leather bags are too heavy for me and hurt my shoulders and back! I will stick to signature b/c of that! If the bag hurts you, RETURN IT!!!! It's not worth the pain!!! Good luck~
  10. Thanks for your help. Yes the back issues when we are older and used to tote the kids on our hips are very different. I am weeding out what I want and what I do not want. It is tough. I have some siggies I love and some older ones. The leathers are so very beautiful but some are heavy leathers and when full. Hard to hold. My doctor says if you are going to hold a 5 lb bag full, switch arms and then switch to holding them on the crook of your arm or hand hold them. I agree. Thanks!!!
  11. The whiskey is a more orange-brown than the brown :yes:
  12. yes, as razorblackbelle said the whisky is more orange/red-y then the brown. with the whisky it will also get scratched up and turn darker and more worn in as it ages. i havent seen a brown in person but im pretty sure its a rather smooth leather.
  13. jYes, I know the whiskey does get scratched. I never saw a brown either. Thanks!!!
  14. Thank you Sarah. I had wondered if the brown was much darker.
  15. Not really a lot darker, but the whiskey will darken more than the brown over time. One of the SA's I work with has a whiskey ali that's a year old. It's beautiful :love: