What is the difference between Vernis Houston and Brentwood?

  1. What are the main differences between the two?
    Do you have a preference?
    Most importantly, they WILL be in the new red, right?:drool:
    Also, how does Vernis hold up in humid areas like Louisiana or Texas?
  2. Hi. I have neither, but saw the brentwood in the new red yesterday, and now I have to have one! It is absolutely stunning!:love:
    I think I prefer the brentwood as it is less wide at the bottom, but larger overall.
  3. vernis houston


    Inspired by a classic tote bag, the Houston is a chic complement to modern wardrobes. Sized for everyday use, with glamorous finishes, discreet zipped top, and spacious interior.
    • Monogram-embossed patent leather with natural cowhide trim
    • Two handheld leather handles
    • Leather lining with an inside patch pocket and cell phone pocket
    • Zipped closure
    • 12" x 10" x 5"
  4. Michelle-
    It was your wallet that got me started. I originally thought I could just get (hopefully) the heart. But that color is so beautiful, I think I must have a larger piece of it! :heart:
  5. brentwood


    Named after the chic Los Angeles neighborhood, the Brentwood is elegant, feminine and generously sized for sizable shopping adventures. Two shoulder straps adjust for versatility and comfort while the top zip closure is adorned with a golden brass LV pull.
    • Monogram-embossed patent leather with natural cowhide trim
    • Two adjustable shoulder straps with golden brass buckles
    • Top zip closure with golden brass pull
    • Textile lining with interior flat pocket and cell phone pocket
    • 11.5" x 15" x 3.7" (at base)
  6. Fannatisydney-
    Thank you for the info. I guess I will just have to see in IRL to try them on, huh? They're both beautiful and the same price too!
  7. i think the different is houston is bigger and taller whilte brentwood is wider and narrower?

    they have different straps? brentwood is newcomer, while houston has been a classic for vernis since like forever.

    i still think houston is prettier compare to brentwood, maybe one day they will have brentwood to stay and discontinue houston, since both almost the same ... no no no
  8. yeah, they almost the same ... go have fun sweety and if u dont mind, keep us updated soon :roflmfao: hihi
  9. I am leaning toward the Houston right now.
    They're both beautiful.
  10. :love: :love: :love: the classic dilemma ... :p :yahoo:
  11. Yeah the houston sort of has a triangle shape to it ... it gets bigger at the bottom than the top, whereas the brentwood is kind of the same shape all around. if that makes any sense, lol.
  12. yes, thank you, that's why i like the brentwood better. i don't like how the houston fans out at the bottom. :yes:
  13. you can adjust the strap of brentwood, houston is just a fixed length.:smile:
  14. We've talked about this before but the main difference in the two bags, other than the obvious look, shape and size is the fact that the Brentwood has a synthetic interior while the Houston has a leather interior. Personally that's a big difference to me. I feel that LV is offering us less quality for the same price. JMO.
  15. i think im a bigger houston fan. although that red would make me a fan of ANYTHING!