What is the difference between these two black Nightingales? So confused!

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  1. I am planning to purchase a Nightingale and yesterday when I was trying one on, it was the Zanzi leather for $2020.

    However, upon looking at them online, I came across a cheaper version that also says Zanzi leather, but it's $1945.

    Just what is the differences between these two bags? I can see that the $2020 looks like shinier leather, but I am very confused.

    Please help :smile:





  2. Hmm, I have no clue. Hopefully someone with more insight will chime in :biggrin:
  3. Hmmm... they appear identical to me. (Unless the websites are reporting incorrect sizes under "details.")

    I say go for the $1945 model!!!
  4. I think the 1945 is the older zanzi model in lambskin, and more matte. the 2020 is probablly the newest model of the same bag, but with a slight price increase and a slight glaze over the lambskin, which may make it a little less fragile.
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    You are right! I bought the bag today and the store still had a couple left of the older model. It was more matte and not quite as nice as the newer version. I chose the newer version.

    Is the lambskin on this bag way too fragile for everyday use though?? :wondering It's so gorgeous! I saw one at a different store that had more of a pebbly grain to it, I believe calfskin and about $65 dollars more, but it didn't fall as nice on me and I didn't feel looked as good. Although the leather did seem a tad more durable, it wasn't as buttery soft.
  6. black in lamb is prbly least worrisome of all the colors, but you should try to be a bit cautious since this leather is the most delicate (aka softest) of all the G leathers. so basically yes, you can use it daily!
  7. Ohhh that's good to know. I am extremely careful with my bags, well as careful as possible. The calfskin just didn't look as good.

    I don't think the Givenchy lambskin feels as delicate as Chanel lambskin is though. Also, I have a bunch of Balenciagas that are "agneau" which is lamb and they have been fine...

    It's just so $$$$, I don't wanna make a mistake on my leather choice.
  8. I have a Zanzi Nightengale tote and it does tend to show scratches and lightens at the edges/corners, but I personally like it since I like a distressed look to my Givenchys.
  9. I dont own chanel so cant attest, but givenchy lamb is the softest from the design house thus far. And no matter how $$$ givenchy is, its still cheaper than a chanel. Go with what you love, and it sounds like the older zanzi calls to you more. It will like butter the more you use it...