What is the difference between the Ebony Damier Navona and Accessories Pochette?

  1. They seem to be about the same size but, the Navona is $120 more than the accessories pochette. :confused1:Can some one clarify? Which is better? TIA
  2. The Navona's sides and bottom are leather, where as the entire body of the pochette is canvas. I think the Navona looks better if you're taking it out say for dinner, but if you're just going to toss it in your bag or use it for accessories, then I'd go with the pochette - cheaper!
  3. Also, I believe the Navona is discontinued now or will be soon since there isn't a need for 2 such similar bags in the lineup. There was talk awhile back of a "Damier Pochette" being discontinued soon and everyone freaked out thinking it was the recently released Accessory Pochette, which it wasn't.
    Here, the pics might help, I did this comparison awhile back (notice the dark brown leather on the side of the Navona):
  4. I like the shape of the pochette alot better, idk why!
  5. ^^ so do i 8)
  6. I prefer the pochette too!

    The Navona looks a bit.. off to me. ^^;
  7. The navona also has slightly less capacity than the pochette - I've got both the mono acessories and the navona and I tested this. The strap for the navona is also slightly longer.

    Overall, I'd choose a pochette over a navona though - my SA did note that the navona was a very old style, and yes, may be on its way out.