What is the difference between the east-west and the small classic flap?

  1. I've fallen in love with some of your guys' Chanel bags! I always thought that I wanted a medium 2.55 classic double flap, but I saw something called east-west in your pics that looked a little more modern.

    Is that just my eyes, or is it the same thing as a small classic flap? Are the dimensions the same? Thanks for your help! I tired to google east-west, but with no luck.
  2. o yea, i love the east-west bag more, def. more edgy and youonger looking, i bought one just last week, will post pic
  3. i like the east-west design too and the price is more affordable than a classic flap. ($800 difference!) i want one in white caviar but no luck in spotting one yet.
  4. is there a pic of the east-west anywhere? I wanna see how that looks like.
  5. I'd love to see a photo too!! :biggrin: THANKS!!!
  6. that's the red one I got but returned coz I didn't like that red.
  7. Here is the East West bag in white.
  8. Wow, those are beautiful!
  9. I remember seeing your red one! That's where I saw the "east-west" term... it's a stunner. Do you mind me asking how much it was - is it really $800 cheaper than the double flap? (... and where did you return it to??)

    How does the size compare? Thanks!
  10. The East/West in Lambskin was $1275CDN from what I remember when I was looking at it a couple months ago.Lambskin 255 is a little over $2k CDN. Caviar is $1765CDN for the medium.If anyone knows the price of the East-West in Caviar...let me know!
  11. The bag is $1050, I returned it at South Coast Plaza and exchanged for a blue one, love that blue one!
  12. Dang! I was there less than a week ago...I would've loved to get my hands on that red...it is beautiful! Pls plost pics of your blue one! I'd love to see it. :flowers:
  13. when did you get your white one! i was looking for one aftermine had a fingernail mark on it! my sa said she called EVERYWHERE ... i need to go talk to her...my sa called it the 224....hmm..
  14. Here you go!!! My black caviar east-west bag. The price is 600 pound. It should be around 1118 $.It 's wider than the small classic. I really enjoys using her.:yes:
    Resize of P1010134.JPG

    Resize of P1010136.JPG
  15. Beautiful bags! How does it compare in size to the medium caviar classic flap? Does it hold as much? Not that they hold that much lol. Thanks!