What is the difference between scarf and optic?

  1. I seem to be using these terms interchangeably but now I realize I may be butchering them :sad: . Is there a difference between scarf and optic?

    For example...the incredible tote y'all helped me with earlier this year...is this scarf? Optic?

  2. that's optic. the scarf print is kind of satiny with different colors ... the optic are all in the same color family, if that makes sense.
  3. ^^ Ahhh, gotcha. Thanks, anotheremptysky! I hate it when I unknowingly am calling things by the wrong term ;)
  4. Optic is the kind of print but when we refer to the scarf print, it's the optic print with different lovely colors and a satiny material instead of the regular signature material.


    Optic lurex

    Scarf print
  5. The optic prints have the C's overlapping each other compared to the regular signature where the C's are next to each other.
  6. Hey, that's great! thanks for the pix...I've been schooled :biggrin:

    Thank you!! XXXOO
  7. Optic has multiple prints overlapping themselves. Scarf Print is Huge and not overlapping.

    Hope this helps! Both are CUTE!