What is the difference between Noce and Camel?

  1. I am looking to purchase either a large Veneta in Noce (classic) or Camel (F/W 07). I have seen the Camel, but not the Noce (apart from the pics on colors which has now disappeared). Is the Noce more "beigey" than the camel? Which is the more neutral neutral? Which do you think wears better (I am absolutely rough with my bags - put them on floors, let my kids use them as pillows etc). If both Camel and Noce need to be babied, then maybe I should get the Ebano :confused1:....... TIA
  2. Noce is more of a carmel color and is a very rich neutral. I think Noce could survive children better than camel.
  3. BGV02C4_mn.jpg BGV8328_mn.jpg
  4. Thank you. You are so kind. While I was ordering it on line and having an online chat and confirming my order, someone came and bought the last bag. I am so sad. No words can console me. It was such a deal. If any of you tpfers purchased it, please own up!!!
  5. hi minda, don't give up. both bags are available at bluefly, and are on sale at 20% off. noce is the darker neutral, and will probably hold up better with rough use.

    if you are intending to put your veneta through boot camp, though, i recommend ebano which is the darker chocolate brown, or nero which is the classic black.
  6. minda - save the link, because it may come back. Actually, it is available right now.
  7. Dear kiss_p, a million thanks! Yes, I did try again after reading your reply and snagged it this time!!! :yahoo:The saying that what is meant to be, is meant to be holds true for bags too. BTW, the BG website does not mention that it is the Large Veneta (which is the size I want), but based on the previous retail price (US$1,850), I gathered that it must be the Large and not medium. What do you think?
  8. Minda, do you finally order the camel one? congrats... we're twin now... please post pic when you receive it.. btw, I also have kiddos.. I think the color can survive tho... let have our finger crossed...oh btw.. I think the bag is large.. I like it so much.. it can hold a lot of things inside & very light weight too
  9. Thanks armcandyaddict for your kind words. As it happens, the bag literally came back to me. It was meant to be. I cannot believe it. I love the ebano, but it is a classic and never goes on sale. I am very much a budget fashionista - every bag that I have purchased would be the cheapest in the category. Take my black satin knot clutch for example - you see my trend!
  10. Thanks cutiekiara. Congrats on your very fine purchase. You have great taste! :graucho: I am so excited! I hope everything turns out fine. You never know with an online purchase.:confused1:
  11. Minda - I'm glad that you were able to get the bag. I do think that it is a large veneta based on the original price. If the bag is not up to standard (not as advertised or damaged, although, I hope everything goes well), contact Bergdorf and let them know and request that they pay for return shipping. They can either mail you a "smart" label or have fedex pick it up.
  12. Thank you for the advice kiss_p. Most appreciated. :rolleyes: I really hope that it is the large Veneta, as it appears to be the medium from the dimensions. Either the original price is wrong, or the dimensions as stated are wrong.

    PS. Did you go to BG's website?..... all the gorgeous embroidered Venettas (I was thinking of getting the Carmino too) are gone!!! Only the maxi stud black Venetta is left. :wtf:
  13. Hi, I'm new to tPF and wish I could change my username to "ilovechanelANDBVbags"! I just wanted to know, did the lovely camel bottega end up being a medium or large size? I'm tempted to grab one for myself, so a quick reply would be greatly appreciated, thanks! :yes:
  14. Hi there! The sad story is that my order got cancelled by Bergdorf who didn't even bother notifying me until I called them one week later to enquire on status. They didn't tell me that they only accept Amex for international orders, otherwise I would have used my Amex instead of Visa! I am still in love with it though - but I refuse to pay full price for it here in Japan when it is on sale elsewhere in the world. Good luck.
  15. hi minda, i'm really sorry to hear that the veneta didn't come through, but just as well if they are going to overcharge for the medium size. have you taken a look at bluefly? i vaguely remember seeing that they ship to japan.