What is the difference between lets say a GIANT CITY and a City?

  1. Trying order a bbag but they have a choice between a city and the Giant City?? (is it the hardware they refer to?)

    also does the violet work come in regualr hardware???(or which ones does it come in??)

    Thanks everyone!
  2. The only difference between a city and a giant city is the hardware and the fact that the regular city comes with tassels. The giant city only has the bold hardware, no tassels.

    The Violet Work does come in regular hardware but I'm not sure if they are out yet.

    Here is a picture to show you both the giant hardware and the regular hardware. The gold and silver are the giant hardware and the black bag is the regular hardware.

    How exciting on ordering your first B-Bag let us know what you choose! :yahoo:

  3. awww thanks so much for the picture..!! does the violet work only come in giant nickel hardware???
  4. I believe the Violet Work comes in both the Giant Gold and the Giant Silver. But I'm not completely sure about the Giant Gold. Your best bet would probably be to call the Balenciaga store in New York as they would have the best selection of Violet Works. Hope that helps!
  5. It comes in the giant gold too.....BalNY has a couple of extra CITY bags with the giant gold hardware if you want a CITY in the violet. Though they will go fast, if not already, so you would need to call them asap!
  6. Actually the giant city has longer handles than the regular city too. The giant city's handles fit over my shoulder comfortably but the regular isn't going over my shoulder at all.
  7. Oh, I never knew that!
  8. Thanks for the info. I've always wondered this, but never asked.