What is the difference between Hermes Kelly and Hermes Birkin?

  1. Hi guys,

    I couldn't gain access to the Hermes page, so I'm posting here.

    Please educate me. What is the difference between the Kelly model and Birkin model? To me I see a big price difference, but other than that am blur.

    Please advise.

    Thank you
  2. not sure why you could not get access, but have to tried comparing on eBay, they will have them on there....good luck:smile:
  3. Hermes Kelly and Birkin are actually 2 different styles, Kelly has 1 handle with shoulder strap while birkin has 2 handle. They kinda look different too, not sure what you mean by not able to access Hermes page here :confused1: We have tons of information regarding Hermes here at H section tho.
  4. Thank you underthesky. But why the big difference in price?

    I tried to post this question there, but I have limited access.