What is the difference between Ebay, Live auction, half.com and etc

  1. What are all these?? what are the difference??!?!?
  2. n e 1?
  3. I know that half.com you buy directly from sellers without bidding like eBay. It's an awesome place to find books, CDs, DVS's etc... for almost nothing.
  4. Well-we all know that eBay is online auctions where you bid for stuff. half.com is also run by eBay but is all books, music and DVDs-on half.com you don't bid-there are set prices from various sellers (who also have ratings like on eBay) and you just buy what you want-we buy a lot of music from half.com (just bought a CD off of half.com last night as a matter of fact).

    I don't know what live auction is-it sounds liek an eBay type thing-not sure though
  5. I'm not exactly sure what the difference is between ebay and live auctions, but I just bought something on liveauctions and as a bidder, you have to pay a 20% buyers premium. You can also phone in your bids and you have to register separately. Those are the most visible differences. I don't know how the various regs are different.
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