What is the difference between crackled patent and regular

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  1. patent? I am buying a navy blue patent jumbo tomorrow--sight unseen!! I have decided for sure!
  2. Good question ....
    Thanks for posting this, I was wondering the same thing.
    I think the crackle doesn't show fingerprints as much :smile:
  3. Yes, "crackled" patent has a slight texture to it--it's a little bumpy, not smooth. The idea is that it won't show fingerprints as much.

    Many of the patent bags that are currently on the market from various designers have this type of leather. In my opinion, the texturing helps a little, but fingerprints are still an issue.

    In this pic below, you can see the texturing on my JC Ramona...
  4. p.s.--Fingerprints or no fingerprints, I LOVE that navy patent jumbo! Good luck tomorrow.
  5. Yea! Thanks, I think it is the right decision!!
  6. As everyone else said, the crackled patent won't show fingerprints. Here's a pic of my black Jumbo.

  7. ^^^Gorgeous bag. Tammy!
  8. ^^ Absolutely gorgeous bag Tammy!!!!
  9. Ooh Tammy that's YUMMY. And get that navy! Love that color in patent.
  10. That is stunning.
  11. When I was looking at the patent & got the Blush Jumbo flap there was a medium blush there that was much smoother than mine... it seems like some are more crinkly than others that are out now. It might just be a variation in texture from one bag to the next??

    Your Black Patent is Gorgeous!