What is the difference between a Cles and a Key and Change Holder?

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  1. I am wondering if there is a difference, or is it the same thing? Thanx.
  2. For me, they are the same thing. Example: My mandarin epi is listed as a Pochette Cles or Key and Change holder in the catalog. I believe one pronunciation is French and the other is in English. Please correct me if I am wrong.
  3. i think cles is key in french but im not sure. :smile:
  4. they are the same but i think to me, the cles refers to only the square ones while the change holder also includes the round ones.....
  5. cles in french means keys.. but what LV means is basically just keys and change holder... does this make sense? lol :P
  6. maybe porte-cles means key holder and then it just so happens that some of them are key holders that double as coin purses. ;)
  7. i thought they were the same,...
  8. I noticed that they call them "cles" on LV.com (British and french site) and "key and change holder" on Eluxury, the American site.
  9. There are differences. LV calls all key chains Cles but not all key chains have a change holder on them. Miroir cles comes to mind - it is just a metal tag with a chain.
  10. they are the same thing, it's just that they've translated the names in english
  11. see the attachments

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  12. Thanx to everyone for their help :smile:
  13. my panda is called porte-cles panda VVN in the french site and it doesn't hole change at all... its just a panda in a leather tag! hehe.
  14. they are basically the same thing...
  15. Yeah, same thing. :yes: