What is the difference between '07 vermillion and '07 rouge?

  1. I haven't seen either IRL. Does anyone have comparison pics?
  2. Don't know yet, I think. Unless spiral saw it at the Trunk show. I'll we've seen so far is the swatch on LP's site. I'm curious as well.........hoping for something in between rouge theatre and rouge vif.
  3. My SA said that the new red is supposed to be very deep... she had a meeting w/ balenciaga last week and did all of the f/w purchasing. Hmmmm..
  4. Here is my vermillion Brief. It's more of a tomato red in my opinion.
  5. The vermillion has more of an orange tinge to the red, whereas the vif is more of a true lipstick red.
  6. I'm on the hunt for the '07 Rouge Vermillon (I have the '05 Rouge Theatre and the '06 Rouge Vif). However, if I remember correctly, some of the folks here have said that the Rouge Vermillon color can be changeable. The pictures below are from the Diabro site ... and from the looks of these pics (both denoted as 2007 Summer Rouge), the colors look different ... the 1st one more Red, the 2nd one more Orange-y.


  7. Yes, the Vermillion-Tomato is a good description. So the most accurate would be:
    Vermillion= Tomato Red
    Rouge Vif= Lipstick Red; 2nd Production of RV = Strawberry Red (the two production runs had VERY different colours come out)
  8. hmmm....i think the thread is asking about the difference between '07 Vermillon and '07 Rouge (not '06 RV).

    Actually I was thinking the same question, after I saw LVR's pdf. Seems like there'll be a '07 Rouge for the fall/winter collection, but there're no pics.

    Does anyone have any clue?
  9. Ooohh! I hope so! Maybe I'll get my flat clutch then with silver GH.
  10. Very helpful thread. Thanks.
  11. That's what I thought too but then someone mentioned Vif and I got confused:lol: