What is the deal with "purse parties?"

  1. :shrugs: Has anyone ever heard of an authentic purse party? I have friends that buy those bags like crazy. Then they show me and say. "I got this for $____, how much do you pay in the stores?" They try to make me feel crappy about the fact that mine are full price. I was just wondering, cuz sometimes i just want to tell them their bags are probably fake and cheap. It is rude, i know. but they TRY to make me feel crappy about my purchases. No one should be allowed to do that. Right? Anyways, are there even purse parties that are for real?
  2. No. They are fakes and your "friends" are carrying crap. Be proud that you do not support the illegal activity of buying and selling fake handbags. When your friends try to make you feel bad, hold your head high and tell them fakes are illegal, ugly and they look dumb carrying them.
  3. The bags are fake and these "parties" are illegal in some states. At any rate, the p!ss me off.
    How much do you pay in the stores? NOTHING because they don't carry illegal. crap. handbags!
  4. My DD's best friend's Mom has regular purse parties. She always hands my DD an invitation for me but I always make an excuse. This lady sells her fake bags to the other moms and teachers at school and is always telling people that her buisness is doing very well and that she has to head into Canal st at least 2 times a week. To put this into perspective, we live in an affluant area and this lady drives a Merc SUV. She also proudly carries her own fakes. I never get into conversation about fakes with her as my strong opinions on the subject would not make for a pleasant chat. I find her a bit annoying as she is quite pushy but have learned to handle it by skirting the issue. I think that's the best option given the friendship between our kids.
  5. I just tell them yours was $75 because it's FAKE.
  6. I know that police officers are actually raiding these 'purse parties'...yikes!! How embarrassing to be caught at a fake purse party!!
  7. yikes , a lot of typos on my above post.....it's late!
  8. my sister's been invited to one, but she didn't go... a few of her co-workers went, and some of them bought fake coach purses for $100 and under. they were actually excited about their purchases. i don't why they don't just buy a real one from the store as it's not that much more... there are good deals at the coach outlet stores too.

    my sister likes designer things, but she's not crazy about spending a lot of money on expensive handbags. she'd never buy or even carry a fake, though. i've given her bags i no longer use, since i know she'll appreciate them like i did.
  9. whoa this sounds really interesting. Can someone tell me what they are though? I've never heard of a purse party.
  10. Yes Most purse parties are fake. Although some a relatively few hold authentic ones. Sometimes I hold one when I have lots of bags that I dont use and I get rid of them to buy new ones. So I hold purse parties, an easier way for me to sell my purses than on e-bay.:P
  11. $100 for fake Coach? There are REAL Coach wristlets for less than that!
  12. I think it was in law and order or something at one point...Some lady goes to Chinatown and buys a lot of handbags, and has a party where she sells them all to the people she invites for a small profit.
    Fake dealer wins.
    Organizer wins, unless she gets raided.
    The poor ladies who buy the bags are usually excited though in reality the quality is bad and all the bags are fake.
  13. the first time i saw a "tod's" was thanks to a purse party. i didn't even realize it was a designer at the time. i just thought it was a pretty purse. i'm not a fake fan, but i honestly believe that people who attend purse parties just want a good deal on a nice handbag, authentic or not. they don't know any better and usually don't care to find out. that doesn't make it right...it's just how it is. :s
  14. I think that most of the time people arent aware that thy're buying fakes...they propbably think its a tupperware kind of thing (you know, its not sold in the stores). Dunno, maybe I'm naive and I have too much faith in womankind! However, this is the first time I'm hearing of purse parties...And we at tPF are smart women who know the way to an assured real bag is buying it at the stores:graucho:...even ebay is a gamble!
  15. Fake bags :yucky: How can someone honestly think they got a good deal when they get a designer bag for a fraction of the cost, doesn´t it make them wonder :shrugs: