What is the date of the Sept. price increase?

  1. And what bags will it affect? How much?

    Thanks, I'd like to get a new bag before then!
  2. Not sure how true/untrue this is, but I personally am just planning to buy again before Sept. 1 to be on the "safe" side and that way I won't be in a panic later.
  3. Ditto for me ItsMyWorld. I am not waiting to get stung AGAIN with another price increase.
  4. Fortunately I have 1 bag on order and then I am done! I may budget 1-2 new Chanel purchases a year going forward but I can't in my heart justify close to $3k for a purse ... even Chanel ... more than once or twice. I'm not Mrs. Gates or Mrs. Trump....
  5. Is EVERYTHING increasing or just flaps?

    reissues going up again?!
  6. It isn't everything, but some things are. I don't have a complete list though. I know that the PST/GST are apparently going up.
  7. well....all things considered....I think the PST is a great value even after the last price increase ($1250 for Chanel is SWEET).
  8. Yikes..not again. Does Chanel generally have this many price hikes in such a short period of time?
  9. no, they don't have this many in such a short period of time. Guess they want to be ultra exclusive....the more money the bag, the more exclusive it is....but at this rate...unless you are a celebrity, the bags we love will be untouchable.
  10. I have no idea what will increase, but it makes sense for the GST/PST to go up. In comparison to the other classic Chanels, you get the most bang for your bucks with those 2 at their current price.
  11. Does anyone know how much the PST/GST's will be after increase?

    Thank goodness I got one before the hike!
  12. I thought I'd heard some place around $2100 for the GST but I don't know that the source is reliable. I thought I'd post just in case but know that I am not 100% sure.