What is the current price on the East West flap bags?

  1. I like thm, they are pretty small. not even sure what materials they come in but looking for Black.
  2. I thought they were around $1550 or so when I was looking at them but it has been awhile.

    Edit: I should have specified that I was looking at Lambskin.
  3. Current price is $1395.00. I just bought one off of eBay for $1180.00 new ( with the new chain)
  4. wow great price!! congrats:yahoo:
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  6. East West caviar flap bag:
    Length:25 cm
    Height:13 cm
    Width 5.5 cm
    Chain strap: adjustable to 68cm

    East West lambskin flap bag:
    Length:25 cm
    Height: 13 cm
    Width: 5 cm
    Chain strap: adjustable to about 65 cm

    Hope this helps your decision.
  7. Are they the same price?
  8. lambskin is $100 more