What is the current name for this Chanel BAG?

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  1. Someone here was already kind enough to authenticate this for me, but I am wondering how common this style is, if any of you have one and what it's presently called. Is it simply a "tote"? Thanks for any help, I can't find a similar image on Google to compare to :smile:



  2. In 2001, Chanel did not have an official name for this line. It was classified as tote bag. Nowadays, Chanel has a name for almost every lines.
  3. Hi BP. Are they still making this particular tote today?
  4. That's a great looking tote bag, plain but classy all the same!
  5. Thanks, DD! I esp. like it because it doesn't seem to be an overly common bag (I like to rock my own look). Yeah I was happy finding this one. And what makes it better? Cost me 65 bucks. :nuts:

    Got a Chanel belt too - 30 bucks.
  6. :nogood:
  7. holly cow, can i be your shopping buddy:nuts: PF ladies have some unheard-of-finds!!!
  8. BP, lol, good to know. Thanks, yet again. When in NYC, let me know...I owe you a drink.

    Classic Chic, lol...sure!
  9. :drinks:
  10. Don't they make that smiley with martini glasses? HATE beer :yucky:
  11. it's a vintage classic tote bag, don't think they have a name or line to this~
  12. Thanks Celia_Hish :smile:
    It's a great bag.