What is the craziest thing your dog has ever done?

  1. Here is mine: I have a 6 lb. toy fox terrier. She is five years old and usually really well behaved. We can leave food out in various places in the house and she never tries to get to it, even though she loves people food (even veggies!)

    About two years ago I made a gingerbread house at Christmas time. I had it sitting on the kitchen table after I finished it. I did not think much about this because our dog had never tried to get to any food on the table before.

    Anyway, I went to work and came home and found the gingerbread house dismantled and peices of it scattered on the table and chair next to the table. I then found our dog laying on the couch and it occurred to me what had happened. She ate almost two-thirds of the gingerbread house! :wtf: I called the vet and they told me just to watch her really closely and if she started getting sick, to bring her in.

    I had to take a photo of her to record this incident- and the hilarious thing was that she knew she was in trouble when I came in and sorta looked at me as if to say "Sorry Mom, but I couldnt help myself!" :P

  2. awwww!! haha What a cute story! Your dog is a little cutie-pie! I love those little delicious dog-faces when they know they are in trouble!
  3. Roo, I have a story similar to yours. About 8 years ago, my now deceased female doxie, Tassie, got on top of the dining room table and into a box of MetRx protein bars. Mind you, the box was in plastic and each bar was in it's own wrapper, I can hardly get them open. She ate 6 bars, total of about 350 grams of protein and about 1400 calories. She was so bloated she could not move. However, she never threw up, and somehow did not die from that. It was not funny at the time but it is funny now.
  4. Hahaha, cute story Roo! Similar story of dog behaving badly.. well, my dog ate like 300 grams of diced raw meat when he was a young pup. I took them out of the freezer and then I got a phone call. As I was talking, I put the meat on a chair in the kitchen (the chair was quite high, around 1/2 metre) and forgot to move them afterwards. I then went out to do my errands and cameback to the house empty. The meat was packed in that white styrofoam thingy and had a clear plastic covering it. My young pup managed to tear the plastic out and ate all the meat!

    Another crazy thing is when he chewed my mom's Laura Ashley sofa. He left a gaping hole at one of the edges of the material covering the bottom part and I had to hid it from my mom for ages.

    Lastly, ya all know what's the CRAZIEST thing my dog has done. If you all read my other thread (titled: This is embarrassing..) then you'll know what I'm talking about :shame: I have no desire to mention it again :rolleyes:
  5. i used to have a husky and she had a TON of stories!

    i once bought some halibut for dinner and was going to cook it and decided to have some white wine. well, i didn't have a bottle opener, so i went upstairs to borrow one and left the halibut on a plate on the kitchen counter. i came down and there was no fish. i went back upstairs to the neighbours to ask them if they saw me carrying a plate of raw fish, they said no. i went back downstairs and saw miso curled up on the bed...opened her mouth and smelled fish.

    another time, she ate my whole collection of anime VCD's. she didn't vomit or get sick at all. amazing.


    third time, she raided the toilet's rubbish bin and found my roomate's used condoms. she ate them and pooped them back out, intact. trojan really does work i guess. gross but true. after that incident, we used bins with covers. i still shudder when i think about it.
  6. Well I can't really classify this as crazy, maybe just cute.
    Our cat climbed a tree - not too high but high enough that she could not get down. My dog was very agitated about it. (They are buddies). I got a ladder and got her down myself. When I placed her on the ground, my dog ran up to her, sniffed her, then smacked her on the head with her paw. It was the funniest thing I ever saw her do! (and my cat NEVER climbed that tree again!)
  7. When I was growing up we had a black lab, he was an awful puppy. One time my mom left a bowl of foil covered easter eggs on the coffee table and he at the whole bowl, foil and everything. He also chewed the rose bush in our back yard down to the roots! I don't know how he managed to do that without hurting his mouth on the thorns. He chewed up the seat belts on our Volvo and the arm rests, he ate about 5 garden hoses, he chewed up the siding on our house, he chewed the end of an oriental rug...I think you get the picture. It was like a game for all our friends to find out what he had gotten into every day.
  8. This isn't a dog story, but I have a couple of cat stories:

    One Christmas, we decided to have candy canes on our tree. We had to be careful about hanging the ornaments on the low branches of our tree. (Because, of course, cats and ornaments DON'T mix.) Anyway, I left the tree for a minute, and when I came back, Willie had gotten ahold of a candy cane and was running around the house with it. It worried me at the time, so I had to print out a list of 'safe' plants for cats.

    The next one: I was at my dad's computer, checking messages and eating a soft-boiled egg. When I was done eating, I pushed my plate aside and ignored it. Willie must've been eyeing the empty eggshell because the next thing I knew, Willie grabbed the eggshell in his mouth and attempted to run off with it.
  9. In our living room, whe have a brick chimney. The brick doesn't go all the way up to the ceiling, so it's like a really high mantelpiece. (It's the same height as the windowledge above our front door.) One day, my parents noticed Louis acting weird and wandering around the fireplace looking up. Turns out, Willie somehow managed to get on top of the mantelpiece and was walking back and forth between the brick and the windowledge. My dad was able to reach up and take him off the ledge.

    Last one . . . we've been redoing the kitchen, which means workers tore everything out of the kitchen walls, leaving big holes. Naturally, Willie and Louis loved climbing in and out of those holes. One morning, the workers came to cover up the holes with drywall. We couldn't find Willie, but we didn't think much about it because he's been known to get freaked out with a lot of people (especially a lot of strange people) in the house. We told the workers to go ahead with the drywalling. Gradually, it began to dawn on us that Willie must've climbed into the hole before they drywalled it.

    We figured out where he was and we cut him out. He was filthy. So filthy, in fact, that my mom and I decided to put him in the shower. He was a little freaked out at first, but the water was warm enough and he got used to it. I think he knew how filthy he was and he didn't like it. (I also later realized that if we had just let him clean himself off, he might have gotten sick.)
  10. One of my puppies decides to have KFC all to himself as were went out for a little while....we left the 4 or 5 pieces of Chicken on the dinner table and when we come home - not a trace of the chicken/skin/bone was left! He had cleared it ALL *

    My dogs don't do a lot of crazy thing they are relatively mellow and good kids.
  11. my dog came inside one day and just sat in the middle of the living room and watched TV for like 15 minutes (which she NEVER does). My mom and I were sitting watching HGTV and not really noticing how my dog was actually watching TV for awhile. Then she started waving from side to side and then fell over on her side.

    I freaked out! and ran to her and she just stared at me with glassy eyes and was acting, well, stoned as all hell. We didnt know what had happened so we rushed her to the animal hospital (almost an hour away, closest vet's office) and found out she LICKED A FROG. Apparently there is a kind of poisonous frog that lives under homes here in hawaii that if your pet licks them they have a hallucinatory experience... haha... it was really scary, but she survived... :biggrin: her personality is really princessey in general, she's very finicky and delicate, so I dont know why she would lick a frog... must have thought he would turn into her prince!
  12. My husband left a taco bell burrito on the table. Not only did my baby get up on the table she managed to unwrap the burrito without ripping or eating the paper. She ate the whole thing in 5 minutes. She's a little dog too!
  13. No dog stories here, but I have always lived in a multiple cat household.

    Christmastime is a real joy at my house, as you can imagine. One day, after we had just finished decorating the tree, and we had to run out and do some errands. We went to Target, and then had to go to the grocery store, which necessitated us driving past our house to get there.

    As we drove by my house, I noticed my living room curtains we all open and askew, and I could see the outline of my Christmas tree.

    Well, we turned around to see the damage...and my cats must have climbed the tree and gotten so excited that it fell over and was lying on my sofa!!!

    I was so happy when we moved to our new house that has a room for the tree that has glass French doors, so the cats can't get to it. They just stand there looking through the glass, licking their chops, thinking "As soon as I get the slightest chance, I am SO gonna climb that tree."
  14. My mom was defrosting a chicken on the counter (it was wrapped in foil) and I come up to the kitchen and I hear this strange noise . . . one of my cats was licking the foil on the frozen chicken!

    I can't tell you how many times I'd walk upstairs and into the kitchen and see either of my cats sitting on the counter. They'll jump off as soon as they see me.

    On our Christmas tree, we have a little stocking we use as an ornament. We thought it would be funny to put it on first Louis's foot and then Louis's foot. They were walking funny until the stocking fell off.

    One more . . . One year, I got this stuffed dog from Victoria's Secret. It was from 2002 and it was a fluffy white dog with a plaid sweater thing. I thought it would be funny to see how Louis or Willie looked in it. They weren't at all pleased.
  15. Before my parents go to bed they have to start putting all flowers in vases in the sink. Because it'll be a given that when we wake up in the morning, the vase will be knocked over and flowers will be strewn all over the floor.