What is the Craziest thing YOU have even done to get a Bag???

  1. This is a Long Story :popcorn: (So sorry)

    As Many of you Choo Girls know, I have been Lusting after the Jungle Mahala for months and because I tried to satisfy my Lust with the "Rock" (to save money) I ended up with nothing:crybaby:

    I tried every means possible to order my Jungle from JC London, but all of my complaining with the Rock ordeal made it impossible to get Exotic skins shipped to the US:cursing: I contacted Casey and a few other Boutiques in hopes of a return, but no luck.

    Fortunately, I have a former co-worker/Friend who lives in Munich and was planning a business trip to the States in November and he said I could use his address to have the bag shipped to his home and he would bring the bag to me in November. I also knew there was another Choo lover who had been lusting after the same bag, I asked if she would like me to order her one as well.

    All was going great, I ordered the 2 bags, they shipped to my friend in Germany and I had even gotten him to agree to ship the bags to the US on my Fed Ex Act#. Well, when he got the box ready to ship, the Fed Ex courier asked for the CITES document and he was:confused1: He had no idea what this was and contacted JC London. My good friend Zerz (A JC London) came back to my friend and told him it was illegal to ship exotic skins to the US and that is why JC does not sell these bags to the US. My friend freaked out and thought I was asking him to do something illegal So he contacted me and told me I needed to get this CITES document or come pick up the bags myself.:push:

    After spending a day on the phone and on-line, it seems the only way to obtain this letter is for my friend to go apply for the authorization or for me to go and get the document myself. Since I did not want to ask my friend to do anything else (I want to keep him as a good friend) I am leaving for Germany in a week to get my bags from him and will hand carry the bags back.

    Fortunately, my DH is willing to go with me and might actually be walking pretty good by the time we leave (partially due to the fact I was able to reserve a hotel room a block from the Hofbraeuhaus-one of the most famous breweries:drinks:)

    So, this will be the craziest thing I have ever done for a beloved handbag..... I will try to get DH to wear one of the bags home, while I wear the other, because there is NO way I will put either one of them in a suitcase;)

    So let's hear some of your stories
  2. OMG! I am absolutely speechless! :nuts:

    I was with you all the way up to the FLYING TO GERMANY part! Wow. That's it, you are hands down the single biggest Jimmy Choo bag fan on the planet! :choochoo::choochoo::choochoo:

    On the other hand though....have you ever been to Germany? From what I've seen of it from photos, etc. it's absolutely beautiful and a fantastic place to go for a romantic vacation with your DH even if it is a bit unplanned! You can make a great trip of it, and even stop into the JC boutique to see if there are any other bags only available there that you can't get here. Hmmm....this is you we're talking about....bring an extra empty suitcase. :lol:

    You know what? I am still just amazed by the whole thing. I swear, this is a story I'll tell MY grandchildren!! :p

    I'll tell you somethng else, boring you most certainly are NOT! :roflmfao:
  3. Wow, Robynbenz, you, if anyone, deserve the jungle Mahala (and your DH too, LOL). Amazing plan, I must say. I have to tell my DH this story, so that next time I ask him to do me a minor handbag favor, he can't object. Good luck, it'll eventually be yours:tup:.
  4. Jeez Robyn...you are really addicted! Take some modeling pics while you are there. Can't wait to see your new bag!:dothewave:
  5. Wow - that is an incredible story and I hope it goes well and you get your bags! Can you claim the trip as a business expense? You are a true Choo-aholic. I have never heard of the jungle Mahala - what does it look like? Can't wait to see pictures and hear the ending of this story!
  6. Wow Robyn, I've never heard of such a thing! :whistle:
  7. ^ Luuucy.....are you accompanying Ethel on this crazy mission? :supacool:
  8. I believe she is going with Mr. Mertz!
  9. Stinker yes, we went on a 16 day European trip in 2002 and both DH & I have been to Germany for work. It is a Beautiful place and this time we will actually visit some WWII sites.

    Unfortunately, there is no way I can write off the trip, but it will be a lot of fun to go back and visit some of the places we've enjoyed. Also, we will be having dinner with my friend & his SO.

    I wish there was a JC boutique in Germany, but the closest boutique would be Milan. I love Milan (I've been there numerous times before I was a Choo fan:choochoo:) DH has joked he will take me on a JC world tour someday, so that should be a fun trip:party:

    Starbuxx here is a photo of the Jungle Baby
    jungleMahala (2).jpg
  10. Hey, there's always room for Lucy to tag along!

    Although if you really did pull a Lucy that would probably put you in the cargo hold and I don't think I'd recommend that for a hop across the pond! ;)

    Mr. Mertz....now I'm totally picturing Robyn's DH as Fred Mertz! :p
  11. I think the trip sounds fabulous and I know you and your DH are going to have a great time! :drinks:

    It's a fun and spontaneous thing to do and at the end of your trip you'll have an amazing Choo bag you've long coveted as a souvenir! :heart:
  12. Robyn - thanks for posting the photo - that Mahala is gorgeous. Good luck on your mission!
  13. OK, I thought my husband was crazy for just BUYING a JC bag (but I am in love with it), but to fly all across the US, across the Atlantic, all the way to Europe JUST to pick up two bags? HOW IN THE WORLD did you DH not kill you for this?!?!?! Mine would commit me to a looney bin! LOL

    But... I hope you love those bags for years and years to come! You'll have to tell me how to take care of exotic skins because I have NO IDEA how to care for the eel bag I just got!
  14. Wow. My craziness pales in comparison! Congrats on having a husband who not only tolerates this but enables it! I am JEALOUS!! Mine thinks I'm crazy for even wanting a JC bag! Please post pics once you have it!
  15. Seems perfectly sane to me! :nuts: