what is the craziest thing you did for...

  1. What is the craziest thing you did for a Louis Vuitton handbag??

    I never did anything crazy because i never bought a Louis Vuitton but in november im planning to buy some stuff from the damier azur line!!!:smile: and im only 15 but i already have 100$saved up and im starting a new job and my mom told me she would pay the taxes on all the things so thats realy great.im soo happy:yahoo:

    :heart:Damier Azur mini-pochette:heart:Damier Azur speedy 25:heart:
  2. I hope you enjoy your purchase. I have never done anything "crazy" for an LV.
  3. Good on you! ;) And no I've never done anything crazy.
  4. well, when I was 15, my mum didnt want to buy me much lv, maybe 2-3 bags a year....

    to get the rest of what I wanted, I did save up EVERY cent I had...all my pocket money-NO cinema, NO ice cream....hell I even only ate instant chinese noodles etc when my mum was not in town and gave us money for food-all so I could buy myself more lv bags....also I once worked in mcdonalds for about 2 month to buy more(he he)

    later, when I turned 16, she relaxed and I got my credit card from her.

    now, 5 years later I thankfully am in a position to buy about every bag I want(okay no croc special order lv yet, but maybe in another 5 years_*ggg*), so you see we started in the same boat.

    good luck on your first purchases, the azur line is going to be amazing!
  5. ohh, I forgot to mention....I also did a LOT of mehndi at a tattoo spot(henna tattoos(not the nasty black version, but the natural reddish/brown) to make even more money.....
  6. hmmmm the craziest? I think spending thousands of dollars on bags n such can seem pretty crazy to me at times...:nuts:

  7. Wow you realy inspired me about what you said loll..i am going to start working at foor locker and me too...I ONLY EAT CHINESSE NOODLES!!lolll and when my mom gives me money for eating out,and put it in a jar....loll,and me too next year im going to get a credit card and a new job.I think i have a new diet...the louis vuitton diet lolll,loose pounds buy a handbag loll...
  8. well now, when I look back, I should have lived my love to lv a lil different....there is nothing like the youth, hon.
    you should find a good middle....and never forget: you are so young you can buy the really expensive stuff later as well and still be happy

  9. haha. i started living LV when the murakami line released. And being the stupid me idind't purchase a cherry blossom bag arrrg.. but anyway. at that time i was 14 or 15. haha, my parents love going on vacation and they would give me money during the time they are gone. So, that time, they gave me money, and i used most to buy my first LV and my first Tiffany. (it was mini HL) lol, so obviously since i used most of the money, so i had barely enough to get food and there's no food in the house. so I actually spend a week surviving on bread and in i remmeber i didn't even eat for 2 days. LOL crazy huh. I told my sister, lol glad she came back uptown and bring me out to eat. and of course after that her boyfriend would buy me breakfast and stuff till my parents come home. :lol: now i regreted, not b/c of LV but b/c of mini HL i dun like it anymore. so i sold it. i should've got myself a cherry blossom pochette.
  10. I really really want to get my first LV this Christmas!! A Damier Azur Speedy 30 to be exact. I'm planning to beg my parents for it & even give up receiving a birthday present from them in march lol. And I will even offer to pay for part of it :P
  11. I sold my Gucci, Marc Jacobs, Prada, Celine and Chanel bag, last one was a gift from my dad, all for buying LV bags, I think this is the craziest thing I ever done to own LV, but I don't regret it, I like them and I feel they suit my life style and personal style.
  12. :nuts: Exactly!!! $1k + for a bag? I used to think - thats crazy!!!! Sometimes, I still do too!!!
  13. You have to talk to a man to appreciate just how crazy it is.
  14. LOL... :lol: Totally agree with this..! :yes:
  15. Exactly! Sometimes I find myself thinking the prices ain´t that bad, just because I´ve gotten used to them.