What is the cost of replating?

  1. Does anyone know the price of replating of the hardware on a small bag? Which store has the best repair service and what is the repair person's name and address?
  2. I know that you can have your hardware replaced but I've not heard of replating.
  3. Paris would have the best repair service.
  4. Replating can be done, but the bag has to be sent to Paris and price would depend on the size of the hardware. I heard around $700 just to replate a Constance clasp so I would estimate much less for say a Birkin or Kelly.
  5. HG- can you have the hardware on the straps of a birkin (the one which reads "Hermes-Paris" replaced if it is scratched up. How much would that cost and does it have to be sent to Paris?
  6. Yes, it can be replaced and must be sent to Paris. It may be several months before you get it back and while I don't know the price I think I heard somewhere it can run several hundred.
  7. I hate to state the obvious, but have you tried a jeweler's rouge cloth to polish the hardware? I have Hermes vintage bags from the '70's and tho the hardware may have been a teeny bit dull, I used the cloth and it shined up to perfection. I have never seen, even a vintage bag, with really ruined hardware. Are you sure that your bag is real? The Hermes plating is superb even on older bags.
  8. Hi,

    I can't remenber the price of "polishing" a HW... You have to give your bag to your SA, he 'll do an estimate.
    FYI, to polish a H buckle (silver or gold) it's around : 65 €. :flowers:
  9. so you can polish the H buckle from your H belt? It good to know b/c my SA told me you can't do that when I bought the belt yesterday.

    I think you know more than my SA. Thanks for the useful info
  10. Thank you Specialistparis!
  11. My SA told me that a very common repair in Birkins is that ladies get pen marks on the flap especially when wearing the flap in and Birkin open. According to the SA, the flap can be replaced and viola the bag is good as new..... don't you just LOVE HERMES????
  12. The bag I have is really old. It dates back to the early 1930's or 40's. There are not any markings on it. It is black crocodile. A friend found it for me. It is from the estate of the Duchess of Leeds. The clasp flips down. On the inside it is lined with calskin There is one pocket on the back wall that snaps and three pockets on the front wall. It is styled like a mini kelly with two straps. I did use the jewelry cloth to shine the hardware.
  13. Dentalfloss, if this bag is from the 30's or 40's it may not need replating. The bags from that age are solid brass. So the hardware will not appear as yellow as modern bags and may appear to be in need of replating.
  14. Years ago, I had the gold hardware on the Birkin straps replaced once in NYC. It didn't take very long, if memory serves.

    I also had the old claw hardware on the Kelly shoulder strap replaced with the new style last year in NYC, cost was $100 and it was back in two weeks.