What is the 'correct' way to swatch makeup in store?

  1. Do you ladies swatch? If so, where?
    Do you ask the SA before you swatch?

    I generally go for the back of my hand, but then realise I haven't got enough room or have nothing to wipe it off with and end up with gross coloured hands for the rest of my shopping day.

    If anyone has any tips I'd really appreciate it :biggrin:
  2. if it's foundation you are swatching ask the MUA to swatch 2-3 colors in the jawline of your face. Then step outside with a mirror so you can see the true color in natural light.

    if it's other colors, like lipstick/gloss, ask the MUA how they swatch. Some counters don't like customers dabbing in their cosmetics. They also should sanitize the lipstick for you and give you a new throw away wand for gloss, so you can sample it. I never sample glosses or lipstick on my lips

    for shadow, again ask at the counter and swipe on your hand.

    You can always ask for a couple of makeup remover wipes. They should have some on hand.
  3. Many places I go now even put out QTips, disposable applicators, make up remover and kleenex so you swatch to your hearts content. I like being able to simply grab some qtips and a kleenex and swatch on my own.
  4. Most places I'd be swatching have makeup remover and kleenex nearby. Sephora has it out, most department stores will gladly give it to you. Otherwise if you know you're going out for that you can bring some Wet Ones. The sensitive ones can be used on your face as well.
  5. My local department stores have tissue boxes built into the bottom of the displays. However it would be really nice if they'd include some make up remover wipes as tissue generally doesn't get anything off and has a tendency to smear your swatch all over your hand again. My local SA's are lovely and usually will recognise me and want to give me a mini makeover using whatever is new so I can see the product on my face - I'm more likely to buy it than I am if I see it just on my wrist or whatever.
  6. I usually swatch on the back of my hand. I find some Sephora's seem to be lacking on the makeup remover, but what can you do?

    If it's something like lipstick or foundation, I'll track down an MA/BA to sanitize for me. Then have them match me. Things like blushes, eyeshadows, etc. I kind of know now what looks good on me, and just a simple swatch on the back of my hand to check pigmentation gets me to buy or not.
  7. For foundation the jawline is best and for lipsticks the backs of your fingertips

    is closest to your lip color... that's what I have been told by make up artists..
  8. For foundation I use the inside of my forearm. It's the same color as my neck (apparently for a lot of us it is) and it's a safe place, reaction/bacteria wise. I've had good luck with matching this way.

    Back of the hand with lip color, I just carry a tissue.

    I don't let anyone, anywhere come at my face with anything at anytime. Uh uh, forget it. Give me a sample with a seal an I will try it on my own on my face, thanks.
  9. I actually seen some women pick up the tube of lipstick and put it on directly on their lips. I almost gagged when I saw that, so that is why I am very wary of using testers especially lipsticks. Worst comes to worst I guess you could swatch it on your hand or take a Q-tip and take a sample from the sides not the top where someone might have made contact. As far as foundations, I usually get the makeup lady at the counter to help me. She usually dapes a little bit on my hand and uses a foundation brush to put it on my face.
  10. The lipstick thing is so disgusting. I once saw a couple of girls swiping a lot of testers directly on their lips so when I wanted to test one as well I asked the SA for help. I thought she was going to sanitize it but she just dabbed a brush directly on the lipstick and came at me. I swear I could see flakes from the previous girls' chapped lips :wtf:
  11. Ew I hope you said to sanitize it.
  12. I usually swatch foundation on my neck... Other products I'll swatch on the back of my hand... And never swatch any thing on my actual face for sanitary/hygiene purposes. You never know who's touched what .. I've worked in cosmetics and trust me, just don't do it.
  13. I'd like to know the answer to this!
  14. As a blogger, I take make up remover wipes around in my bag, i swatch on my arm from my wrist to elbow as it's neater, if i ever forget wipes most places have tissues around!

  15. lipsticks on my finger tips it is the closest to your natural lip color.
    eyeshadow/blush/bronzer on my forearm
    foundation on my neck and chest