What is the coolest Fendi Spy color?

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  1. I was wondering, for those of us who love the spy, which is the coolest color? Which one is the spy of spies? The top of the toppermost? And which one is the hardest to find? The honey spy, the white, the zucca print, the gold/silver, the suede silver, the fortuny leather hologram and more etc. etc.?



    Fendi white spy.jpg

  2. NMV7469_mp.jpg


    Fortuny Leather.jpg


  3. The one that came out first with the sequins is still my favorite. I held the velvet squirrel one and it was very luxurious.
  4. I don't think I have seen that one. Do you have a picture? Are you talking about this one? NMV5431_mp.jpg
  5. For me, it's the Lambskin Cognac and Black Spy bags, they're nothing fancy but, they're so easy to wear.

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  6. Cognac is my favorite but white and hologram is the coolest! I'm not a big fan of the zucca.
  7. My favorite is my dark chocolate spy - it's classic and luxurious. I also like the tulle and velvet spy. It's my second favorite.

  8. I like that silver one :biggrin: The first gen holograms were really nice too!
  9. Here are my favorites.

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  10. The velevet squirrel spy - I saw it in Fendi in Vegas and it was SO decadent - if only I was rich!
  11. I'm biased, but I think the petrol, green, and sequinned spys are the most gorgeous... followed closely by chocolate brown, honey, white, metallic silver, and tulle.
  12. This one:

  13. i love the hologram, petrol, white and cognac (not necessarily in that order)
  14. I love the Cognac and blue ( that nicole richie carries around .. )
    and this one [​IMG]


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  15. I love the gold! So beautiful.