What is the consensus on the MFF Ashley?


Apr 19, 2010
OK, so we all started with MFF bags at some point, probably.

I have been spoiled with FP ones for a few years now, way too many to count. I was never a big Sabrina fan (I only have two) but yesterday I bought the Garnet MFF Ashley, large patent. It was around $200.

This is my first MFF bag in a very long time, but I sort of love her. No, the lining isn't quite as delicious as a FP bag, but I still think she's perdy. Thinking of getting another one in steel.

What says the mob?


Jun 9, 2010
I like the Ashley carryalls. I have tried to love the Ashley satchel, but my heart belongs to Sabrina, so I am without an Ashley satchel. I only have one Madison Carryall, so no super loyalty there, lol! I really like my teal carryall. :love:


Feb 8, 2009
I have a MFF Ashley satchel in perforated Mauve. I really like it; great all weather bag as the leather is different than on Sabrina. I honestly cannot see much difference in the styles other than as you indicated better linings and the horse and carriage logo. The leather is a thinner though. I just bought the Garnet patent and am looking forward to receiving it. I know the Dune color was VERY popular.

The Steel color looks similar to the Sabrina but the Sabrina had this great hot pink lining and the leather is super durable pebbled. I think the Ashley in Steel is an excellent neutral though with some nice pop to it.
Dec 1, 2008
I like the Ashley MFF line better than most others. I bouht my MIL a walnut ashley carry-all for last Mother's Day, and almost kept it for myself (but as it was Mother's Day, I obviously gave it to her).


Mrs. F
Apr 27, 2010
i love love LOVE my mff Ashley...i have the large celery leather one and i'm using it right now! i had 2 small/regular sabrinas (1 fabric the other leather) and they were cute and i loved the 3 hangtags but i ended up selling them...i love how thick the leather is on the bag and i receive so many compliments on this bag!! esp from people that say they DONT like Coach...then they realize it says Coach and they're like "oh wow...thats a Coach bag?! i really love it...the leather is nice"

i say YAY! for the mff ashley bags....but there are some color/fabric choices that i dont like but hey that happens with every line that Coach comes out with..for me at least...

and i dont mind carrying the bag with the shoulder straps. i like the way it looks. and even though i have the large one i still carry her on my arm and it doesn't look that big either

AND i want a carryall too! thats my next OUTLET buy :]


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Dec 21, 2010
In a Sunburned Country
I nabbed the large Garnet Satchel yesterday too (and a zip-around wallet to match, love love love.) It's my 4th Ashley - I have the large in Teal and Watermelon and a small Steel. The Steel is my least favorite to use, but it's pretty look at! (I prefer the large for getting into quickly!)

I think it's a great bag. I missed out on a Crimson Audrey satchel at Macy's on clearance, and I was moping about that but this Garnet is actually prettier in my eyes, and I decided I do prefer the rolled handles on the Ashley to the flat handles on the Audrey, so all good then!


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Feb 27, 2008
I have the smaller mahogany ashley and I LOVE it! So lightweight and easy to use. I love the size. I'd really like to get a red patent too.


Apr 19, 2010
The more I look at my new MFF girl, the more I LOVE her.

I also got a cappucinno gathered lindsay yesterday, with matching wallet. Yup. It takes Honorable Mention. Maybe because I have the Brown Croc Sophia from last year, still with tags on.

For some reason, I am just lovin' this shiny red gal.


Nov 10, 2005
Congrats on your MFF ashley--I just got one today too! :hbeat: I'm hoping i, too, will love her even more as I use her! I really like how lightweight it is as I used to have a leather sabrina that I returned as it was too heavy. Also I do not like the carriage logo- personally I find it to be a bit too much. I may be in the minority, but I actually prefer the MFF coach logo to the horse and carriage, and prefer the brown lining to the pink/purplish one in the Sabrina.

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Mar 28, 2006
the land of cold!
I was about to get an ashley until the sophia's came out. I like the ashley a lot. I was looking for a large signature in dark brown. When I found it sophia came out ... and I liked it more. Had I not seen the sophia I would have bought ashley. I think its a great bag, even better price...
There is nothing wrong with saving money:biggrin:


Jan 31, 2007
I have an Ashley carryall in bone with pink lining & I love it! I have a couple FP Madison bags - small lavendar Sabrina & steel Julianne - and I definintely think the Ashley is of the same quality. I'm not a big fan of Sophia so I'm glad that Ashley styles are available.
Jun 15, 2009
I like the Ashley carryalls. I have tried to love the Ashley satchel, but my heart belongs to Sabrina, so I am without an Ashley satchel. I only have one Madison Carryall, so no super loyalty there, lol! I really like my teal carryall. :love:
I was just gonna post and ask if anyone loved the carryall bc I am so feeling it -do you own the Ashely carryall????


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Dec 10, 2010
North Carolina, USA
I have the small MFF Ashley in black leather, and I love her. The leather is durable, and I love the style of the bag. I haven't had any issues at all with mine, and I've had her just a little over year now.

I'd love to see pics of your garnet Ashley, cosmogrrl!