What is the color Nior?

  1. Can anyone please show me a pic of their bag in the color Nior?? Thanks:smile:
  2. I am guessing black??
  3. Noir does mean black in French, and Chloe is a French label...
  4. This is part of mine in Noir - black....taking more pics later...hope this helps...
  5. Here are some more.....last one with flash.....mine has the dark grey contrast stitching, you can get with black stitching too....
    EndHilton.JPG FrontHilton.JPG FlashHilton.JPG
  6. I think I asked my question wrong:p What I ment to ask is what shade is Chloes Nior....I saw some bags that were posted as the color Nior, and they looked almost like they had a blueish undertone. Thanks for all your help though!!
  7. Hi,
    I just received a bay bag today...color Nior..and I would say that this bag is a dark brown or espresso color. I don't think I would say it has a bluish cast. It's very pretty, actually.

    I will try to add a pic later. I am new here and still trying to figure things out! :smile:
  8. I figured out how to add photos...

    Not sure if you can tell from these, but it is a deep brown. I think the bluish cast is coming from the flash off of the bag....
  9. Well maybe I didn't figure it out..
    Trying again
    bag1.jpg bag2.jpg