What is the color/birthday or my Stam?

  1. I was at a consignment store today and could not believe I spotted a gorgeous MJ Stam! I adopted her on the spot! Can y'all help me find out when she was made and what color she is? I love her! The leather is SO SOFT AND SQUISHY! And I love the pink suede lining!

  2. [​IMG]
  3. deary, dont know how to put this nicely, but it's a fake...
  4. oh no :cry: what should i do? will consignment stores let you do returns?
  5. I would hope so!! Especially if they sold you a fake. It's a criminal offense!
  6. seriously. it is a crime in counterfeiting and can be escalated to the FBI for copyright infringment. they better damn well give you your $$ back!
  7. wow. i didn't realize i just bought a fake balenciaga as well from the same store! omg!!! help me guys! i am so pissed!!!!!!!!!! :cursing::cursing::cursing: how should i convince the SA that i need my $ back? :sad: :sad: :sad:
  8. i just looked at my receipt. it's stamped with all sales final! :sad: omg! i didn't even bother to look at the receipt until now! is the joke on me! :cry: the lady handwrote my receipt and her writing is so hard to read but i can barely make out that it says faux on the description! is that even legal? she knows she sold me a fake bag?

    the business card of the SA says the store specializes in "resale of high-end designers, clothing & accessories." fwiw, the whole store was filled with tons of other designer items there, dior, lv, burberry, manolo blahnik, etc., and it basically looked like a consignment shop.

    when trying to ask for a refund, should i just say that i didn't realize that i was sold fake bags and i want my money back?
  9. OMG - bring it back IMMEDIATELY!
    I'm so sorry you got a fake, I guess we can't be safe from these fakes anywhere!

    I really hope you will get your money back! Like Jun mentioned, it is a criminal offense and if they don't give you your $ back, you can always threaten to call the police on them.
  10. doesn't matter, it's illegal for them to sell fakes. they can easily be sued over this, go back and demand a refund, and please report them in that link i provided.
  11. did you pay anything close to retail for these bags? ARRRRRRRRR! :cursing:that is so bloody illegal, im fuming over this!:cursing::boxing::cursing:
  12. Question. Could you report this fake to your credit card company for charge back? Like Amex?
  13. /\ good idea! even if you paid with a debit, a lot of banks will help you out in situations like this...
  14. oh ladies, thank you for your support. i am devastated and so angry. the lady says the store's been around for over 10 years. 10 years?!? and i am assuming i am not the first one to fall for these fake items. good lord! thank GOD for tPF.

    i will make a call to my cc company. i'll see if they can help me asap. i'd go back to the store but the card says they're not open on mondays. tuesday is xmas so it's going to have to be wednesday. sigh. should i just be upfront w/her? she was so totally nice to me, trying to convince me to buy all her bags! i fell for it :cry:

    so about her writing on the receipt that the bags were "faux," was it my fault that i didn't catch that until after i got home?! as well as the all sales final stamp?