What is the coin purse with the handle called?

  1. What is it's size (in relation to the reg. coin purse) and when did it (does it) debute? Also what will the retail be on it (RH)?

  2. *bump*?
  3. Not sure what you're talking about... the only thing with a handle that I know of is a flat clutch.
    Do you have a picture?
  4. Looks to me like a flat clutch with GH. Same dimensions as the 2003/2004 flat clutch, but with GH (something like 8x10 inches). Because the proportions are similar to the CP, it doesn't seem like it's much bigger, but it is.
    Anyway, that's my $.02, if anyone has other opinions, please chime in - I'm always interested in filling in the gaps in my Bal knowledge ;)
  5. Slinks, you are correct! Flat clutch. Much larger than a coin purse. Great Bag. I have one in black with GSH :love:
  6. ^^I'm so confused! Why is it called: the mini-purse in the thread, and it looks the same size as the coin purses??? AARRGG!!! (as Charlie Brown would say)
  7. Also I found one in an auction (#250214724836) not my auction!! and it states that it's a coin purse!?

    I'm totally confused about the size of this thing!
  8. ^No clue. Guess it much have been referring to the coin purses in the last photo - I think the official name is Mini Coin Purse?
  9. Is the mini coin purse a new 2008 design?
  10. [​IMG]
    here's the GH flat clutch in relation to an a4 sized folder. it's huge, way larger than a CP.

    it came out in 07, can't remember if it's FW or SS though..
  11. ^^Oh gotcha! I guess I was confused since it was next to the coin purses. Thank you!!!
  12. Cult Status calls them Giant Handle retails @ A$996. Here's their picture to show relative size against a CP.