What is the Coffer lined with?

  1. I bought a Coffer on eBay. It certainly looks real on all accounts, including zipper maker (inner pocket, Lamper I believe it was called, don't have it with me.) Its nicely made.

    BUT- the lining of this purse, whihc is Black leather, is brown canvas. I believe the brown coffer is brown canvas and the black coffer is black canvas. The ONLY site that lists this is Net-a-Porter.

    Can anyone confirm is a REAL Coffer in black could have a dark brown lining?

  2. i don't think this would be the deal in any case.

    my coffer has black lining, although sometimes i think it's grey (just a super dark grey/almost black) because it does contrast the leather a bit. it isn't jet, stark black, you know?
  3. My Coffer has a black lining, in the pocket on the inside there should be a tiny tab that says Made in Turkey.