What is the Coach Bag You are Using Most Right Now?

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  1. What Coach bag are you using most right now?
  2. My lovely Pink pearl Parker shoulder bag
  3. Ummm...Well..I switch out bags everyday. However, there are a few bags that get a 2nd or third day.
    Raspberry Maggie is on day two.
    Raspberry Hailey has gotten the privilege of being used four days one time.
    I have been using my Peony Croc Carryall a lot because Summer was almost over with, and I got her late in the year.

    My most "used" condition bag is my gray/black op art Sabrina. She was my only bag for a long time. She is still in pristine condition, but she was used every single day for months on end. LOL!
  4. I just switched to my new black gathered sophia, have been carrying her 5 days. :P
  5. I've been carrying my Madison Boxed Op Art carryall for the past couple months....my fingers are crossed that I have a very different brand new bag to start carrying by noon tomorrow!
  6. My small black op art sophia.Just got her Friday with my PCE, and haven't stopped carrying her, and I doubt I will.Such a perfect bag all around.:biggrin:
  7. Definitely my black Kristin leather tote. It's the only Coach bag that I'm using everyday because 1) it's leather so a little less worry compared to my siggy bags 2) I love it so much and have been wanting one for the longest time and when I finally got her, I felt really content :lol: My other Coach bags only get used like 1 or 2 days max each time I take them out, which is VERY rarely. I'm too protective when it comes to my Coach bags and yeah, sometimes I think I'm crazy :nuts: It's even worse when I received my first Coach handbag that I can't bring myself to use it at all.
  8. my black leather hailey is definitely being well loved lately!!
  9. OMG...you and me both HunnyPlaya! I am soooo protective over my mauve bleecker (sp?) Sophie that I have only used her once: when I got her June/July 09! LOL!
    I am glad to know I am not the only one who has a huge emotional attachment to their first.
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    (Sorry off topic~you got your Kristin, yay)And yes, I too protect my 1st Coach bag.I never use her.It's suede and too small, so I keep her tucked away!
  11. I never knew I could be so attached or protective of a handbag until it happened with my Ali :lol: Now I know better though and you're definitely not alone.

  12. grey crock audrey :O)
  13. Hmm. I go back and forth between Sabrina and my Glam right now. I can never decide and some days I need lots of room and some days I just don't want that much bag.
    I think tomorrow I will switch to my Parker Hippie OR my secret new bag!;) :sneaky:
  14. I have used my black leather audrey alot since I got her. She is so great with every outfit and all of my fobs look great on her. I've been using my inlaid peyton though for 6 days straight, pretty much since I got her. I really missed my peyton and it was my
    "go to" bag before she yellowed.
  15. Hay. What's your secret new bag! Why is it a secret??? I showed you my new bags!