What is the cles for?!

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  1. sorry, this question might seems so stupid...but i have heard many times about the cles...but i never own one...i am just wondering what is this for?
    is it a charm for bags? or thats a small bag when we just wanna put a little stuff inside? or thats a change pocket..

    what is that the main purpose for it?!

    thank you.
  2. its (d) all of the above you mentioned, go to the site and check them out they come in every line (female) its like a small pouch that can fit misc. iitems i.e. ccs, DL, folded cash, coins, keys etc. and it has a keychain attachment. they are my fav and most functional small acessories
  3. Small stuff like change or even some cards in it.
  4. I just purchased my very first this past weekend, the Grrom Cles, and I am using it as a bag charm.
  5. I think you can use it for whatever you like. A PFer even suggested using it as an ipod nano case!

    Anyway, on e-luxury, it's written as a keys and coins case.
  6. something that looks gorgeaus on anything! haha. I also agree with the above ladies. You definantely need to invest in at least one though.
  7. I use my Perfo Cles for credit cards.
  8. I have a receipt, a Best Buy gift card, and some change in mine. I have my keys hooked to the key ring.
  9. I actually tuck the keys into it so it doesnt scratch the stuff in my bag (stray ipod stray sunglasses etc)
  10. i used my MC cles for my cc and business cards
  11. phoebe...

    did you end up selling your second mj stam?