What is the cheapest item you have viewed in a Chanel boutique/Saks?

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  1. So far I've seen a brown and white circles scarf that is $135. Not very pretty in my opinion. Here is a photo > I really like the 08' black and cream camellia scarf.. but it's $425!![​IMG]
  2. The cheapest thing I've seen was a headband for $100 something.

    That scarf is pretty busy...lots happening hahah. Don't like the circles or the brown color.

    Do you have pictures of the camellia scarf? I'm not familiar with it?! Hmm..
  3. Do cosmetics count? ;) I technically was in a Chanel boutique! LOL
  4. Probably the security guard's tie. LOL

  5. hahah, oh jeez, i wouldn't doubt it though!
  6. Um, maybe the camillia flower that was attached to my shopping bag....it was free!
  7. makeup
    credit card holders
    barrete clip thing ? ; SF had that .
  8. credit card holder that WAS £65/$130 5 years ago- them days are long gone....
  9. the credit card holders.
  10. Some of the earrings...
  11. i bought a red camellia necklace 2 years ago in boutique when sale, US$100 :love:
  12. ^what a steal :nuts:
  13. This classic 16 inch pendant in silver or gold for $180.
    classic 16 inch pendant in silver ($180).jpg
  14. Credit card holder back in 2003 when it retailed at $75.
  15. ^^^ OMG! I wish I was into Chanel in '03. I bet the prices for everything else seem amazing compared to everything now, post (many, many) increases!