What is the chanel sizing?

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  1. Help! Any idea what size is this? Is the first image same as the second 1?:smile: Thanks!


  2. It's the Jumbo size in both pictures.
  3. Hi Beautylicious, thanks for your reply. But i heard that's a XL Jumbo, is it the same? What is the difference in dimensions btw the XL Jumbo and Jumbo? Does London carry any of them?

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    XL Jumbo was a term given for a vintage bag.
    Spring 2009 has a bag called "Maxi" which is a bit similar to the old XL/Vintage.

    They are not the same. I don't have the measurements for the XL/Vintage or the new Maxi though.

    Edit: Here are pics of the new Maxi

    And the vintage XL is on the 2nd reply in creamy color and the 11th reply in black
  5. hello! i'm new in this forum so i have some question..

    first.. if u're planning to buy a red caviar is it better to buy a maxi or a 07 red caviar?

    is the 07 red caviar cheaper than the maxi?
  6. I believe it is quite difficult to find an 07 red caviar...and I really have no idea , my guess is you'd be paying $3,000 - $4,000 even (some sellers really jack the price up) and the Maxi is like $3,250 or $3,450....I guess it all comes down to what you like more....good luck finding an 07 red though
  7. This is my first purchase I'm looking at either jumbo/ maxi black caviar with silver hw.. which do u think is best? I'm standing at 1.58. Thank you!:smile: So much confusion for this, as currently i only get to see the jumbo only. Please help me out!
  8. Well either could work. But I honestly just like the classic jumbo better. How big of a bag do you need? I think the jumbo is a pretty decently sized bag, actually big IMO. The Maxi is nice, but I don't like the way they did the CC hardware. It's all personal opinion...but I prefer the plain jumbo. You should really wait and see the Maxi I think
  9. I just got the Maxi and I love the way you can carry it cross body ( the strap is long enough) and it makes my hands free for stroller/baby. Also the leather is a bit softer price is $2850 for cavier. I really wanted a jumbo but in the end I found myself in love with my maxiii.
  10. yes but unfortunately I only can try jumbo locally in stores. I havent get to see maxi but i tink its big enough for my ht. I'm quite petite so i tink jumbo should be nicer!:smile: thanks all for your comments! I'm still on waiting list!:yahoo:

    I agree with Kara_n, maxi's logo look weird.. Jumbo should be a better size for me. :smile: But black is better in Silver or gold hw?;)
  11. I prefer silver hardware.
    Gold is too brassy for me.
    Unless it is the light champagne gold that came on my Evening star glitter flap.
    But for the classics...the gold is too brassy for me
  12. yes thanks kara_n!:P I'll go for the silver!