What is the Chanel Nylon bag called? I can't find pix!

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  1. I can't find any photos of it but there is a big Chanel Nylon bag out right now that has two pockets on both sides and a zipper pocket in front with a hanging silver CC and then inside it has a zipper and lots of compartments. It's around $1400. It's such a great bag. My mother is probably going to be buying it for herself and I saw it in the store. The guy said the style wasn't new, but the black one is a new color for the bag. Before it only came in other colors.

    Anyone know the name of the bag that I am talking about? :confused1:
  2. is that Paris Biarritz tote?

    like this but with nylon material..

    CMIIW, :smile:
  3. I found a picture of PB in nylon material from the reference library
  4. NM San Antonio has alot of these still available
  5. Yeah! That's it, but in Nylon!! Great bag!!!
  6. Saks at Orlando has two black. I posted on the shopping forum yesterday
  7. Ditto the above - the Paris Biarritz is the name of the bag you're describing.