What Is The Brief???

  1. Can someone post pictures?
  2. Oh... love the shape of the brief but hate the gold studs! =(
  3. I love the shape and the gold studs!! :nuts:
  4. definitely a weekender bag. I would have to see one in person. I hope the big gold hardware doesnt make the bag look tacky, and I hope it doesnt chip and flake off. (the gold finish I mean).
  5. I'm on the wait-list for this baby in the french blue!!! :yahoo:
  6. yay! how exciting. im still debating between the reg hardware or the giant ones....
  7. Does anyone know if this bag can fit on the shoulder?!
  8. is the pic on atelier of the brief a white bag or is it naturel?
  9. Does the brief come with regular hardware or just the giant hardware?
  10. when i asked the SA at BalNY she said the exaggerated hardwear only.
  11. Does anyone have the measurements of the Brief? It may be that it looks much bigger than it it is because of the perspective of this photo.
  12. yeah. I'm planning to get one next season (if I have $$$) but I really hate the gold hardware! Hmm it's either that or an anthracite work... The city is starting to be a bit small for my liking. LOL.